Olsen a Factor on Offense

Junior tight end Greg Olsen caught 31 passes for 451 yards and four touchdowns in 2005. He is looking to improve on those numbers and provide the Hurricanes with a steady performance in each game.

Greg Olsen believes the team has a better attitude heading into the 2006 season compared to in recent years mainly because of the attitude on the offensive side of the ball.

"Guys have a better attitude where they think things are going," Olsen said. "They have seen a vast improvement with what we have done. Every day was fun. Guys really had a good time."

Olsen is excited for the 2006 season.

"Coming back into this season I am real excited to have a good year personally and a good year as a team," Olsen said. "Hopefully everthing goes well for us all. That is part of the game. Sometimes they go well sometimes they don't. You just have to keep playing and keep fighting. There is no doubt things will definitely be better this year as an offense and as a team. Everyone is real excited and is real confidence in each other and the new coaches. We are really looking forward to a good year."

In the spring the offense had their fair share of successful days in a period generally dominated by the defense.

"The spring was big for us," said Olsen, who was healthy all spring. "With the new coaches guys weren't sure when they were coming in and when they were going to be named. Once everything got settled down and the coaches came in we started todoing the new things. I think we had pretty good success."

The offense was "pretty basic" so the new coaches could evaluate what kind of talent they had on the roster.

Last year the offense finished 73rd in the country in total offense.

"Some games we were great, some games we were okay, and some games we were terrible," Olsen said. "This year we are aiming to be consistent."

The offensive line will be a key unit as only one starter returns from a year ago. However, Mario Cristobal, who coached the tight ends the last two years, moves over to coach the O-line and is expected to make an impact.

"He works harder than anyone you will find in the business," Olsen said. "There is no doubt in anybody's mind that he will get the most out of those guys."

Olsen believes Cristobal has been instrumental in his personal success thus far.

"He has helped a ton," Olsen said. "Having him for two years was great. He doesn't let anything slide. He is a perfectionist. He demands the best. He wants what is best for people. He is a huge part of the success of me personally."

Olsen is one of five tight ends on the roster this fall.

"I think we have a great bunch of tight ends," Olsen said. "We have a bunch of good guys."

Olsen is also confident in quarterback Kyle Wright.

"Anytime you are a first-year quarterback things are going to be difficult," Olsen said. "That is the nature of the position and the sport. I think it will do it wonders for him of how he plays and how he handles situations."

Olsen and the 'Canes are schedule to begin fall practices on August 7.

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