Kayne Takes on USC

Kayne Farquharson and his El Camino College teammates competed in their annual 7-on-7 game against Southern Cal yesterday and the talented receiver talked about it.

"We played USC yesterday and I dominated," Farquharson said. "I had eight catches for about 150 yards and a touchdown. It was a lot of fun out there."

Kayne Farquharson said his team ran two sets of 10 plays and he was in for the first series of 10.

"I caught a pass right away and that's when they pretty much started throwing me every ball," he said. "I was going up against SC guys like Terrell Thomas, Kenny Thomas, Kerry Harris, and Sharif Wright. It really helps because a lot of those guys were All-Americans in high school and that's the type of competition I'll see when I get down to The U."

The talented receiver said the USC defensive backs were trying to play a lot of bump and run but it wasn't working.

"They tried doing some bump and run and when they tried, I was gone," he said. "I'm not some little high school receiver."

The standout receiver, whose team is scheduled to scrimmage UCLA tomorrow in a similar way, called while he was on his way to school today.

"We have two weeks left," he said. "I'm taking care of business. Everything's all set still for me to be there (Miami) in December. I'm actually coming out for my official the weekend of the North Carolina game. I think it's the 7th (of October)."

With all the time spent with USC players and the fact that he played so well against them, many might think the Trojans may try recruiting Kayne.

"They know I'm committed and they know I'm going home," he said. "I'm all about The U. Those guys down there, I hope, are good but when I get there, lets go. I'm not coming to catch first downs. I'm coming to win games and catch touchdowns."

The talented receiver, who says he talks to Coach Mosley about once a week, talked about how he prepares during the offseason.

"We're doing a lot of lifting, running, and practicing," he said. "To help with receiver stuff, I get out old Jerry Rice tapes with drills. I set up cones and stuff like that to help with technique and stuff."

Farquharson is on schedule to graduate in December and enroll at UM for the spring semester.

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