UM & FIU Excited About October 14 Game

MIAMI, Fla. - Earlier today Miami head coach Larry Coker and FIU head coach Don Strock held a press conference to help promote their October 14 game at the Orange Bowl. The schools are less than 10 miles apart, but this will be their first ever meeting on the football field.


Miami head coach Larry Coker:
"I think it is going to be a great football game and a great series for both schools. I think it is going to be great for the city. Selfishly it gives us a seventh home game. In reality for Florida International fans it is going to be a home game for them too. I think it is going to be a positive for football fans and a positive for both schools. It is only going to get bigger and better. We are very much excited about it."

FIU head coach Don Strock:
"The first thing I would like to do is thank the University of Miami for giving FIU the opportunity to play an elite football program and one of the most respected football programs in this country without a doubt. The local exposure and national exposure of two local schools playing is amazing. This was going to happen sooner or later and I am glad it happened sooner."


All high school players will receive complimentary admission to the game on behalf of the University of Miami.

Both schools feel the large amounts of potential recruits in the stands will be benefitial to their football program.

FIU, a relative unknown program, should benefit more from this event especially considering they recruit Florida heavily as 97 of their 99 current players on the roster are from Florida.


Since both teams have plenty of Florida players on their rosters, the teams are aware of each other despite the schools not having played each other.

"A lot of the players know one another," Coker said. "The coaching staffs know one another and that always adds to the excitment or aura. It will be an extremely competitive game."

Some FIU players of note include: OL Xavier Shannon, the son of Miami defensive coordinator Randy Shannon; WR Lloyd Moss, younger brother of UM receiver greats Santana Moss and Sinorice Moss; DE/LB Antwan Barnes attended a UM camp and according to Coker he "could play for anybody."

The players are not the only ones of note as former UM linebackers coach Vernon Hargreaves is now the linebackers coach at FIU.


Vernon Hargreaves spent eight years at the University of Miami before being hired at FIU earlier this year.

"Vernon has done a tremendous job," Strock said. "I think his track record speaks for itself. He has done a great job with our linebackers and is a great guy to have on our staff. He is a hard-worker and is very intelligent. I just think he is a huge plus for our program."

Strock thinks human nature will set in when Hargreaves faces his former school.

"I'm sure he will have mixed emotions as far as the game is concerned and I can't blame him if he does--that is human nature," Strock said.


There is no update to report on the possible transfer of LB Willie Williams according to Coker.

"There is not an update--I wish there were to be quite honest," Coker said.

If Williams does indeed transfer after reportedly being turned away from Fresno State, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Louisville, he will not be granted a release by UM if he chooses to attend a school on UM's schedule according to athletic director Paul Dee.

Williams could still choose to attend a school on UM's roster, but he would have to pay his own way.


Wide receiver Ryan Moore's status is still in question for the season opener against Florida State.

"No there hasn't been" said Coker when asked if a determination had been made. "I will discuss that with Ryan, his family, and then we will have a decision and make an announcement."

Coker did make a light-hearted comment on the situation.

"He will be back by the FIU game, I'm sure of that."

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