Franklin Not Cleared Yet

According to Miami head coach Larry Coker freshman offensive lineman Orlando Franklin has not been cleared yet by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Coker said there is a hold-up because Orlando Franklin has been an international student as well as graduating from Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, Fla. in addition to going to school in Canada and Jamaica.

"All of the stuff has to come together to go to the Clearinghouse," Coker said. "It has to go through their schedule and he has to be cleared like any other student. It is a little bit more difficult because of the international studies."

Coker is hopeful that it is a technical issue and that Franklin will be cleared as soon as possible.

There is no timetable for possible clearance.

Franklin was in summer school at the University of Miami and participated in summer workouts.

"He has been admitted by the university, but still has to get final clearance from the Clearinghouse," Coker said.

Franklin will not be practicing with the team until he gets final clearance.

"Until he gets final clearance it is something that we have to be concerned about," added Coker.

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