Final Season for Moss

Senior running back Tyrone Moss will not play in the Florida State game due to a violation of team rules, but is working hard to have a productive senior season.

Year    Carries   Yards   Avg   TD
2005      137      701    5.1   12
2004      102      445    4.4    6
2003      107      511    4.8    5

7th in rushing touchdowns, 23
10th in total touchdowns, 23
7th in 100-yard games, 6


Tyrone Moss expects to be healthy for the Florida State, but he was suspended by head coach Larry Coker due to a violation of team rules.

Moss wanted to clarify his reason for being suspended so people didn't get the wrong idea. He said it was because he missed study hall time in January and it was not because of drugs.

While Charlie Jones is expected to start at tailback, Moss is workig hard to have a solid senior season.

"I just want to have a good year personally and hopefully the team can do good too," Moss said.

After back-to-back 9-3 seasons and a 40-3 loss to LSU to end last season, Moss believes this team is hungry.

"We are a very hungry team," he said. "It has been a long time since Hurricane football was where it should be."

Moss believes this time is more serious and focused to win.

"Everyone is taking the extra step on their own," said Moss, who is also more serious this year. "Everyone is working a lot harder and taking it upon themselves to do the extra things to get better."

Although there are six new coaches on the staff, Moss believes it is the players who determine how hard a team will work.

"It is up to the players to work hard," he said. "A coach can only do so much. They can't coach us all the time. We just have to do it better and work harder."

Moss has been a guy that the coaching staff has been tough on because he has not always put forth the effort needed to be an elite back. Head coach Larry Coker has said that, "Tyrone can be as good as Tyrone wants to be."

Tyrone agrees.

"I am more motivated than before because this is it," said Moss, who has rushed for 1,657 yards at Miami. "It seems like yesterday I was just a freshman. The time has came and gone so fast. I just have to make the most of it this year."

Moss, who still practices with the team, is making the adjustment to offensive coordinator Rich Olson.

"This will be my first time playing without a fullback," Moss said. "I guess it will be good especially for the running backs because it will open up things more and teams can't put so many guys in the box."

Moss plans on playing this season at 220-225 pounds.

His first game back will be against Florida A&M on Sept. 9.

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