Youngblood Improving

Reggie Youngblood is expected to start at left tackle this season for the Hurricanes who will be replacing four new starters on the offensive line.

Reggie Youngblood is a 6-foot-3, 305-pound sophomore from Houston, Texas who played in eight games as a back-up to Eric Winston.

This year he is expected to start and the team needs him to be a productive player, which he is looking forward to.

"I am real excited," Youngblood said. "I can't wait."

When Youngblood arrived in Coral Gables last fall there were some things he needed to improve upon. He feels he has improved over the past year, which has prepared him for this upcoming season.

"I have just improved my overall game," he said. "I have learned a lot of little techniques that I had never even thought about."

One of the adjustments Youngblood has had to make since his time at UM is the coaching style of his offensive line coach.

Art Kehoe coached Youngblood during his freshman season, but was released by UM following the season. Mario Cristobal, the team's tight end coach the past two seasons, took over for Kehoe. The transition could have been tough for Youngblood, but he has adapted well.

"It wasn't hard," Youngblood said. "Cristobal is a real good teacher and explains things real well."

Cristobal is impressed with Youngblood:

"He's a good football player," Cristobal said. "He is a young football player that is going to find out real quick what it's like under lights."

When asked if he was excited about Youngblood he said, "Oh yeah".

Youngblood is a player to watch on offense, but when asked who he thought was going to step on offense in 2006, he said, "Ryan Moore. He is a hell of a player. I've seen Ryan in the spring and in thes summer and no one can take him. He's just real good and I expect him to have a great year."

Miami faces Florida State in the season opener at home on Sept. 4 in front of a national television viewing audience.

"It's going to be crazy," the sophomore from Houston, Texas said. "It's going to be pandomonium. I just can't wait."

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