1-on-1 with Glenn Sharpe

CanesTime sat down with junior cornerback Glenn Sharpe to discuss his journey back to the field and his thoughts on his progress.

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CanesTime: How does it feel to be back?

Glenn Sharpe: It feels great to be back. It has been a long time coming. I've been out for two years and I'm just ready to get back playing ball.

CT: Where is your confidence level at right now?

GS: My confidence level is at the highest level it could ever be because I feel like if I can come back after two major knee surgeries and still be playing at a very competitive level, then I can do anything.

CT: What is the hardest adjustment of being back playing?

GS: Hmmm, I would have to say....The camaraderie with my teammates because I have kind of been away.

CT: A lot of the guys you came in with are gone now, but there are still some guys like Brandon Meriweather who are here. What is like having so many new faces/

GS: Brandon is still there so me and him are real excited about playing with each other. The younger guys that haven't really been around. I have been around long enough to where I can get to know these guys. We have a good relationship. I like all of the guys. All of us get along. We laugh, we joke, we know each other pretty well. But as far as knowing how each other think on the field, instead of off the field.

CT: You have plenty of support and people rooting for you to succeed including your teammates. What is it like to have so much support?

GS: I just feel blessed. I truly feel blessed to be in the situation that I am in. I had two major knee surgeries, but I still have a chance to play the game that I love at a top-notch school. Everybody is pulling for me, my teammates, my family, my friends, my coaches, I just feel blessed to have everyone supporting me like that and still believing in me.

CT: There is quite a battle going on at right cornerback, what are your thoughts on those guys?

GS: Randy Phillips, Bruce Johnson, and Carlos Armour--I feel like all of those guys can step up and do the job. All of them are very talented. All of them, for the most part, are very disciplined. I feel like they have as much talent as any cornerback that has came out of the University of Miami. You know the University of Miami only recruits the best. I feel like those guys are more than capable of getting the job done.

CT: Not only are you back from injury, but you are expected to be the best corner on the team and go up against opposing team's best receivers. Does that make it tougher with your comeback?

GS: I just look at it as a challenge. I like challenges. You have got to like challenges in life because you are going to be faced with a lot of challenges. I just look at it as a challenge and I am very confident. Still run fast, still be quick, still jump high, and my mental aspect of the game has increased so much. I feel like there is no pressure on my hands.

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