Offense on Same Page According to WR Moore

Wide receiver Ryan Moore is looking forward to playing the ‘Canes new offense in 2006.

Ryan Moore has always had the ability to be a go-to receiver for UM, but he admits that he was limited in the past by a confusing offensive scheme that did not utilize its personnel in the best possible way.

"The new scheme fits our personnel and our offense better," Moore said. "The offensive line, quarterback and receivers are more comfortable in this system. This offense is a lot easier to grasp. All the concepts are laid out for you.

"I am pretty sure last year that guys were confused. We did not necessarily have 100 percent confidence in what we were doing."

Now, Moore says the ball is getting out of the quarterback's hands quicker, which he believes can open up the offense.

"You can't just go out and run deep balls. You have to set up a deep ball," he says.

Moore also says that offensive coordinator Rich Olson and has given him more freedom to freelance and make plays.

Moore knows that the receivers have taken the blame for their dip in productivity the last two seasons, but he would like the critics to keep in mind that a passing game is made up of more than just receivers. Moore believes this season's offensive team is gelling better than last year's squad.

"It is just about getting everybody in the right places and jelling as a unit, but it is not just us," Moore said. "There is a lot that goes into a passing game. There is the quarterback, the play calling and attitude. Everything looks like we are on the right page now."

After being suspended for the Peach Bowl in 2005, Moore is suspended for the first two games of 2006. Does he feel like he is getting a bad rap?

"I don't really get into that," Moore said. "As long as I am getting positive feedback from the coaches and my family, nothing else really matters."

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