Jenkins Has Big Day

Darnell Jenkins is a senior receiver from Miami Central High School who had a big performance in practice today.

Darnell Jenkins scored three touchdowns in practice on Sunday including an 80-yard score from Kirby Freeman.

"On a Sunday, it went pretty well," said Jenkins, when asked how the team looked after practice. "The only hard part was coming off all of the drills that we had going against the defense and then jumping right into 2-minute drill was kind of tiring."

Although he has averaged 10 yards a catch in his career at Miami, he sees himself as a big play guy.

"I see myself running past DB's," said Jenkins, who ran a 4.37 in the 40-yard dash during spring testing. "I got much stronger and much faster. I can read defenses better from my past experiences I have developed. I am ready to make big plays down field."

Most people don't remember, but it was Jenkins who ran a 10.47 in the 100-yard dash as a sophomore beating former UM speedster Sinorice Moss.

Regardless of how he has been utilized in his first three years or how he has produced, he remains confident in his abilities.

"I am always confident because when other people have high expectations on you, it doesn't mean anything unless you have confidence in yourself," Jenkins said. "Regardless of what people say and what people may think, I am gonna always be me and try my best to help the team and make plays."

Jenkins is expected to start at flanker this season and the 5-foot-10 receiver came into fall practices at 194 pounds. He played at 178 last year. Although he has lost a few pounds since camp has started, the extra muscle has helped him.

"It helps me out a lot because now when I go up against bigger, stronger defenders and I lower my shoulder they feel a heavier impact then what I would used to be," Jenkins said.

Yesterday the team had their first two-a-day since starting practice on Aug. 7. It was a hot day, but Jenkins was pleased with the effort and attitude of his teammates.

"Actually the first two-a-day was pretty good," Jenkins said. "Nobody was out here moping around. Everybody was energized and having fun."

With the new coaches a number of players have said they feel more energized.

Jenkins is no different.

However, he believes it is for a different reason.

"We are more energized because of the O-line," Jenkins said. "They are stepping up and helping the team by blocking and giving Kyle more time to make plays, which gives [the receivers] more time to get open."


Jenkins enjoys going up against Glenn Sharpe in practice.

Sharpe, 6-foot and 187 pounds, is the team's top cornerback.

"I like going up against Glenn because he wants what I want, which is get through a whole season and be successful," Jenkins said. "We have that same type of mentality and we compete against each other which makes us better."

Regardless if it's Glenn or any other corner, Jenkins is ready for new competition.

"I'm tired of going up against our corners every day," Jenkins said. "I am ready to play against a different team."

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