Q&A with Spencer Adkins

Sophomore LB Spencer Adkins is currently the back-up weakside linebacker.

How has your second fall camp at UM been going so far?

"I have changed positions from SAM to WILL. I like WILL a lot more because I get a little more freedom to roam and make some plays. I feel like everyday I am learning everyday and working on the small stuff to become a better player."

Was it a difficult transition going from defensive end in high school to linebacker in college?

"It was not so much the transition from defensive end to linebacker. It was the transition of having a better knowledge of the game and having to know everybody's responsibility instead of just my own."

How much have you improved since you arrived at UM?

"I have gotten a lot better in many aspects of the game. I am getting better every day."

What does Coach Shannon want you to improve this year?

"Coach Shannon wants me to work on not thinking too much. He says I am thinking too much. When I start thinking, I tend to make mistakes. I should just know what I am supposed to do and go do it. He wants me to stop thinking so much and play the game."

Do you expect to see a lot of playing time this year?

"I expect to see a lot of playing time. I am just playing as hard as I can and will be ready any time the coaches want to put me in. Working with the number two's I have to have as big as an impact as the number one's. I have to be ready to play at all times. I expect myself to do things on the field that any other linebacker can do."

Will you do special teams this year?

"I will be doing kickoff coverage, punt, and kickoff returns. Anything I can do to contribute to this team, I am more than happy to do it."

What type of work did you put in over the summer?

"I was working with the linebackers that were here. Putting in overtime and doing extra stuff as a group and as a defense coming out here and looking at different plays and coverages."

What advice does Jon Beason give you?

"Beason is the first on to yell at me and the first one to congratulate me. Anything he doesn't think that I did hard enough, he is going to tell me about it."


How impressive is Spencer Adkins in the weight room?

"He is very explosive and very strong. The thing that we try to do, and is a thing he is doing a great job of, is showing that explosiveness on the field. His strength level is tremendous. He is going to be an exciting player to see and watch him explode through people throughout the season."

Is Spencer the strongest player pound-for-pound on the team?

"He would definitely be in the top three strongest guys on the team pound for pound."

What former player does Spencer remind you of strength-wise?

"He reminds me of D.J. Williams as far as being explosive and powerful. He is very strong squat wise, clean and bench. They are clones when it comes to the weight room. I think in the long run, Spencer is going to be one of the great linebackers to come through here."

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