Freeman Having Productive Fall

Sophomore QB Kirby Freeman is having a productive fall camp.

Kirby Freeman has thrown a number of touchdown passes in the first two weeks of fall practices. His development as a quarterback is evident as he continues to grow.

"It's been successful," Freeman said. "The offense has really been beneficial to me. It has come a lot easier than the offense I handled before this."

Offensive coordinator Rich Olson and quarterbacks coach Todd Berry are giving Freeman freedom to use his athletic ability to make plays. Berry has been extremely impressed with Freeman's ability to make accurate throws on the run.

Freeman understands his role as the current back-up to Kyle Wright, but that does not mean he is not going to work hard to improve and fight for playing time.

In the spring Freeman contemplated transferring from UM due to a possible better opportunity for playing time, but decided to stay and is enjoying his time at UM.

"Things are going great," Freeman said. "My ultimate goal is that I want to play and I am going to play. I'm doing the things to be successful and make these coaches play me and making it hard for them not to play me. That is my ultimate goal to be where I want to be."

When he arrived on campus as a freshman in 2004, he was known as a scrambling quarterback and it was unsure if he would develop into a typical Miami quarterback, who is more of a pocket passer.

He has worked hard since then and has become a solid passer.

"I really took it upon myself because when I came in I was known as the athletic running quarterback and I don't like that," Freeman said. "I don't like being separated so I've really done the things I've needed to work on my mechanics and my pocker presence."

Freeman, who is entering his third year at UM, feels more comfortable as a quarterback than he has ever before.

"Playing quarterback is simply a state of mind," Freeman said. "You either have it or your don't. Right now I fee like I have it more now than I have ever had it."


The offense will have a new look in 2006 as Olson will be running the show. Multiple wide receiver sets as opposed to a basic I-formation look is something the team will present to opposing defenses.

There are a number of capable playmakers on the team as they have had a good showing throughout the fall.

"The success has definitely been there," Freeman said. "You can look over the past two weeks and see the possibilities of our success are definitely there," Freeman said. "It's something that we have to take care of."

Earlier today, the team held another scrimmage, in which the defense created some turnovers.

"It wasn't the greatest as Kyle and I made some mistakes that we should not have made as quarterbacks," Freeman said.

The team will have Sunday off before a two-a-day on Monday.

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