Consistency a Key for Offense, Olsen

With a new offensive coordinator and offensive system one would expect a steep learning curve for everybody in the offense. But, tight end Greg Olsen says that has not been the case.

Greg Olsen believes that the team is not having any problems in learning the terminology and various aspects of the new offense.

"I am very comfortable with the new offense," Olsen said. "I think the last 2 ½ weeks have been good. The offense as a whole has really come along. The guys are starting to get familiar with the offense and are excited to start game planning for the first game."

"The offense is pretty user friendly and simple. Everyone has done a good job of picking it up. As far as knowing the offense, I think we are pretty far along as far as executing it. The way that the plays are organized and the plays are called and numbered is very logical and easy to follow."

Olsen says that the new offense will be much more consistent because when everyone on offense is on the same page, fewer mistakes will occur.

"We are going to be more consistent and control the ball a lot better and not take as many big losses."

Olsen is excited about the ways in which the tight ends are used in the offense.

"The coaches are going to move us around a bit and try to create some mismatches. We are using a lot of two tight end sets. Our second tight end is really like a fullback. Chris Zellner is being used as that second tight end now."

Throughout Olsen's career he has battled nagging injuries. In 2003, he was awarded a medical redshirt following a shoulder injury and in 2004 he missed three games with a broken wrist. Finally healthy this past offseason, Olsen could fully participate in all the strength and conditioning workouts.

"As far as the offseason workouts, I have gotten a whole spring and summer of lifting and conditioning. This has definitely been my best offseason here strength wise and speed. I gained a few pounds; I am at about 255 pounds now while last season I played in the high 240's."

When comparing this season's team to last year's at the same point in fall camp, Olsen believes this year's squad is more prepared for a successful season.

"I think there is no comparison. The guys really feel comfortable here and real confident in what we are trying to do. We are more confident in each other and the coaches and the schemes that they are trying to do."

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