McCray Ready for FSU

Teraz McCray was having a great spring in 2005, but the day before the spring game he tore his ACL, requiring seven months of rehab.

Teraz McCray came back for UM's final five games of the season, recording 10 tackles.

Almost a year and a half after his injury, McCray is fully confident in his knee and his potential production in 2006.

"Teraz is ready to go," Coach Coker said. "I ask him what type of year he is going to have and he says coach you watch me and tell me. He is expecting to have a great year. He plays like he is healthy so I feel good about that."

McCray had his knee scoped in April to clean up his knee. He was able to go through the conditioning and weight training in the summer.

"My knee is good, it is coming along well," McCray said. "It is almost 100 percent now so I am ready."

McCray was slated to be a starting defensive tackle in 2006, before Bryan Pata was moved to tackle from defensive end. McCray will still get plenty of playing time though because UM always rotates at least three defensive tackles during the game.

"Bryan Pata is looking pretty good at defensive tackle," McCray said. "He is already quick because he was a defensive end, so he is a little quicker than the average tackle. Technique-wise he is up there. There is not too much he needs to work on. He is doing a pretty good job and he just started to play tackle."

As the third defensive tackle in the rotation, McCray is versatile enough to line up at left or right defensive tackle. At 6-foot-1, 302-pounds, McCray excels in pass rushing situations because of his quickness.

"I can play at both sides," McCray said. "I can play with both hands down so it doesn't really matter. It is basically the same technique from either side. When your left hand is down, you have to step with the other foot and on the other side it is the same thing just a different foot."

McCray is looking forward to September 4, when UM plays FSU at the Orange Bowl. McCray has not played significant minutes against the ‘Noles in his career at UM.

"I am pretty excited," McCray said. "I missed last season's game and I played my redshirt freshman year. I played a couple of snaps. I am really hyped up about this year and I am expecting to do some things out there myself."

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