Practice Report: Aug. 28

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The Hurricanes have just one week of practice before their first game.

"The intensity last night was very good; the workout was not very long, but it was a very good workout last night. That will be the last practice in the Orange Bowl until the game. We will not scrimmage anymore. We will have some contact drills, but we will not actually scrimmage anymore."

• Coker said that the reason for the poor depth at the receiver is due to poor recruiting in the past. "We have done a poor job selling the fact that we have a need for wide receivers. If I am a receiver now, I would be calling me begging to come here because it is a great program and it's a great opportunity to play."

• Due to the lack of receivers, UM will utilize more two tight end sets. "We are lucky that we have guys like Olsen, Zellner, and Farr that can catch and play those receiving positions for us. Now, they are not Roscoe Parrish, but they are guys that can run and catch and have big bodies. We will put them in multiple positions and they will look like receivers in certain situations."

• LB Glenn Cook practiced, but was limited. He worked with the punt team Sunday night.

• OL Jason Fox has taken reps with the first team at right tackle since Friday night. Fox claims that he is now weighing in the 290's. Fox played at left tackle his senior year of high school.

• Coach Mosley is excited about WR Lance Leggett this season, "He has gained the confidence of the coaching staff back and he has gained his own confidence back."

• QB Matt Perrelli was told yesterday he is the third-string quarterback beating out fellow walk-on Jorge Fernandez. Perrelli is expected to be the team's holder this season.

• LB Romeo Davis is now the first-team middle linebacker ahead of Darryl Sharpton.

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