Big-Time DE Talks About UM

This standout defensive end didn't get a chance to attend any summer camps this year because he took a vacation with his parents to visit family. He is a full academic qualifier who has narrowed his list to eight.

Baltimore (Md.) Gilman standout defensive end Victor Abiamiri didn't get a chance to attend any summer camps this year because he took a vacation with his parents to visit family in Nigeria.

"My parents were born there and we have a lot of family there so we visited with them," Abiamiri said. "It was a month-long vacation."

Abiamiri has become one of the top defensive end prospects in the country he was born in. At 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, the talented defender said his football coaches recently timed him at a 4.60/40 on track.

The standout defensive end won't turn 17 until next January, which means he began his freshman year at age 13.

"That's when I first started playing football," he said. "I was tall and skinny back then, probably 6-3 and maybe 200 pounds. But I was always quicker than most people and it gave me a chance."

After finishing last season with 14 quarterback sacks, Abiamiri also competed in basketball (center) and track. He threw the shot put 51 feet, the discus 140 feet, and even ran a personal-best 23.0 in the 200m event.

A full academic qualifier after scoring an 1140 on the SAT, Abiamiri said he's gotten to many scholarship offers through the mail that he's beginning to lose track.

"My coach does a real good job of getting tapes out real early in the year to all the coaches," he said. "I guess most coaches must have liked my tape. I have about 25 or 30 scholarship offers right now."

With so many choices from top programs all over the country, the talented defensive end said he has things down to eight.

"The eight that I'm considering right now are Stanford, USC, UCLA, Ohio State, Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, and Miami," he said. "They're all good schools that have a good balance between academics and football. They've all offered me and I can't go wrong by picking any of them. I will narrow it down a little during the season and then take some visits after the season."

Abiamiri talked about the Hurricanes.

"Miami's awesome in football," he said. "I found out they're a private school and that's good because I go to a private school now so I think I could adjust pretty well. They just won the national championship and were close the year before. Miami's one of the best football programs traditionally. I spoke to coach Coker on the phone in the spring and he said they really liked me. He asked if I had any questions about the school, then offered me a visit, and sent me a scholarship offer in the mail. I like Miami right now."

With two older brothers currently playing at Maryland, Abiamiri said that would not be a factor in his decision.

"They understand that it's my decision," he said. "They did what was best for them and I'll do what's best for me."

Instead of the recruiting process, it's been gearing up for what he hopes will be an excellent senior season that's been on his mind lately.

"I just want to finish 10-0 this season," he said. "We play a nationally ranked team and a team that has the longest winning streak in the state of Maryland with 40 games so it should be a difficult schedule, but if we work hard enough we have a good chance of finishing undefeated. That's my biggest goal."

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