Shields Studying for FSU

Freshman wide receiver Sam Shields is expected to be a factor against Florida State on Sept. 4.

Darnell Jenkins, Lance Leggett, and the rest of the receivers have been helping Sam Shields prepare for the Florida State game.

"They told me to expect a lot of zone and off-coverage," Shields said. "I just have to keep being in the film room and looking at their defense.

Shields has been busy in his first fall camp as a Hurricane. He has been great throughout camp, but knows work still needs to be done.

"From the first practice I didn't really know the plays and I'm still learning the plays," Shields said. "I just have to stay in the film room."

Jenkins, Leggett, and Shields are expected to be on the field a lot against FSU as they are expected to show a variety of 3-receiver sets.

The Rich Olson offense is "very receiver friendly" according to Shields, but notes that a balanced attack is the key to any offense.

In addition to Jenkins, Leggett, and Shields, Khalil Jones, Terrell Walden, and Ryan Hill are expected to be receiving mix as well as Brian Monroe.

Shields believes the unit is united.

"Everybody helps each other out," Shields said. "It is all about team work with the receivers."

The season opener is just around the corner.

"I am very excited," Shields said.

And Hurricane fans are excited what Sam "Sticky" Shields is all about.

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