Freshman CB Grant Makes 2-Deep

Freshman cornerback Chavez Grant has been told by the coaching staff that he is in the 2-deep heading into the Sept. 4 season opener against Florida State.

Chavez Grant, a 5-foot-11, 175-pound corner from Booker T. Washington High in Miami, is expected to have a very good career as a Hurricane.

This fall Grant has made an immediate impact.

"I started out pretty good and my main thing was to learn the defense and get everything down pact," Grant said. "I think I did that pretty well."

Grant sprained his ankle on Aug. 12 and missed five days of practice.

"I felt I messed up my chances of playing because I was hurt and other guys were getting a lot of reps," Grant said. "When I came back I thought I really had to prove myself."

He came back a lot sooner than he thought he would and made an immediate impact upon his return. In a practice at the Orange Bowl, Grant had an interception and was steady in defense.

Grant has been working with the nickel package as well as the base defense and is picking up the defense as a whole better than most true freshmen do.

For his efforts in the fall he was in the 2-deep when the cuts for scout team were named earlier this week.

"The coaches must have felt I was doing okay and knew the defense well enough," Grant said. "Right now I am working with the second team and still learning a lot and picking things up."

"Things are going pretty well right now, just trying to get better and get ready for Florida State," he added.

Although he has made interceptions this fall, he knows what entails of picking off a pass.

"It's not all about being a super athlete," he said. "It's about knowing the defense and knowing where you are supposed to be and having your reads down."

Learning the defense is something that Grant has done a lot easier than he even he thought he would.

"I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it is when I first saw the playbook," he said. "But once you get the basis down, it is pretty easy."

Picking up on things fast is something that Grant does very well. Some of his fellow freshmen are doing well like Grant, but not all of them.

"A lot of us were highly recruited and they expected a lot from us," Grant said. "I think a lot of us are doing pretty well, but I also feel that some guys are slacking off."

Although he didn't say which freshmen were slacking off, he did have this to say:

"Some guys feel that, 'Because I am a freshman I am not expected to play so they have not been working as hard and they are waiting until a senior leaves their position until they start working hard to play'."

"That is how I feel about it."

The Hurricanes resume practice Thursday afternoon in preparation for the season opener against Florida State on Sept. 4.

"I am real excited for the game because there will be a lot of people there," Grant said. "When the game comes I'll see where they want me and play it out. If I sit the whole game, then I sit the whole game. I can't expect the coaches to put me in as a freshman in that type of game. I can't stress about not playing even though I really want to."

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