Injury Update: LB Glenn Cook

LB Glenn Cook updates his status for the Florida State game.

Middle linebacker Glenn Cook is expecting to play versus Florida State, but as of Thursday, he was not sure how much time he will receive.

Cook believes he will at least see time at special teams for the coverage units, but as for starting the game, Cook says he probably won't know until Monday.

"Everything is good with the knee," Cook said. "I am preparing myself for the game; trying to get back into shape. I am expecting to play. It doesn't really matter to me if I start or not. I just want to get a chance to play against Florida State."

Cook says he is at about 80-90 percent right now. He is experiencing minor swelling with his knee and he says he needs to get his conditioning back.

"It is hard getting back into the speed of the game, but I think with the way we practice, I should be prepared for Monday," Cook said.

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