Practice Report: Sept. 2

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The Hurricanes held their final practice before the season opener on Monday.

"We had a normal 'Thursday' practice today and it went a little bit longer today than it normally would, but we did have quite a bit to cover. Our preparation is good and we are excited about playing a football game."

• Coker plans on watching today to get a feel on how things are going with the new rules as well as scouting future opponents.

• QB Kyle Wright, OL Anthony Wollschlager, S Brandon Meriweather, and DE Baraka Atkins have been named the team captains. "I think they deserve it," Coker said. "Do they deserve it more than others? Well who knows? We usually rotate captains and then we select—but I think they are a good group and they deserve it."

• OL Jason Fox could start at right tackle. "It wouldn't bother me to start Jason. We'll just see how the weekend goes. I like Jason and I think he will do a great job if he does or doesn't start."

• LB Glenn Cook is "well enough" to start, but Coker said he didn't know if he would start. Romeo Davis would start at MLB if Cook is not the guy.

• FB Jerrell Mabry remains the top fullback depending on certain formations. TE Chris Zellner could also fill in as the fullback in certain situations.

• Offensive coordinator Rich Olson will call the game from the sidelines. Coker said it was up to Olson to make the decision. Calling the game from the sidelines is a common approach in the NFL and it will give Olson a better grasp on how individual players are feeling throughout the game. "I think it will be different, but I think it will be a good impact," Coker said.

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