D-Line Looking for a Big Game Saturday

The defensive line at the University of Miami has a goal of recording three sacks per game.

The line fell well short of that goal Monday night versus Florida State, when the ‘Canes did not record one sack.

The defensive line did a stellar job of stuffing the run, allowing only one rushing yard for the entire game, but defensive tackle Kareem Brown and the rest of the defensive lineman want to do a better job of pressuring the quarterback.

"We are real hungry," Brown said. "I am excited about the tempo of the practice on the field. Everybody was practicing hard looking toward Saturday. We are looking to execute against FAMU and just do the little things we didn't do last week. Defensively we want to get more pressure on the quarterback and execute every play like we know we can."

Brown admits that it is tougher to get sacks against Florida State than other teams UM will play because FSU uses so many three step drops and screens—getting the ball out of the quarterback's hands quickly.

"Teams are making it difficult to get sacks, but it is making it better for us as a defense," Brown said. "But nobody is going to beat us to the corners [on running plays]."

According to Brown, the defense has a goal of scoring four defensive touchdowns this season. In 2005, Brown scored Miami's only defensive touchdown on a fumble recovery at Virginia Tech.

"We think we should score on defense," Brown said. "Unfortunately against FSU, we didn't, but the next time we get a turnover, we are always looking to get a touchdown."

What has Brown seen from FAMU during preparation in the film room?

"They have a quarterback that can run and some good receivers. We are looking for them to do any and every thing, so we are going to be prepared."

Brown does not want fans to count UM out this season yet. Miami lost last year's FSU game also, but managed to eventually climb up the polls to a number three ranking in nine weeks.

"It is only one game," Brown said. "I want our fans to rally behind us and stay tough with us and we will make them proud."

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