Locker Room Report vs. Florida A&M

Quotes from inside the Miami locker room following a 51-10 victory over Florida A&M.

RB Tyrone Moss

On Javarris James:
"Javarris, he is my roommate. He did a real good job tonight. All of the running backs were productive tonight. We have got to thank the offensive line, because they did a great job of opening up holes and protecting the quarterback."

On rushing performance of FAMU compared to FSU:
"I watched last week's game. I wish I could have been there, it was a disappointment, but it feels good to come back and have a good game like we did. "

On Louisville:
"Louisville is a good team. It was disappointing to see Bush go down with an injury last week, but I hope he gets well. It will be a good game and we have got to get ready for them next week."

On running back rotation:
"We have a good rotation going, so hopefully next week I can get a little more work. We'll see."

RB Javarris James

On first touchdown as a Hurricane:
"It was a great feeling. It was better than I expected. I didn't even think I was going to get in the end zone. I didn't expect to even play this year."

On importance of getting that first touchdown:
"I fumbled last week, so this week I wanted to get my confidence back up. I got into the game real early and now I have the confidence that I had back in high school."

On running back rotation:
"All of the running backs that we have can run the ball. If somebody gets hurt or tired, somebody else can do the same things or even better."

On Louisville:
"We know that Louisville is a real good team. We are trying to practice real hard this week. The defense is always going to do what they have to do, so our offense is just going to have to come through and put some points on the board."

RB Derron Thomas

On his performance: "I felt real good. I am just trying to come out here and make as many plays as I can with whatever opportunities I can get. All I want to do is just try to break long runs. Get big gains and tough yards is what I want to do."

On where he is on the depth chart:
"I am just trying to come out and play. The coaches come up with the game plan and make all the decisions from there. That is the coaches decision, I just try to go out and make plays."

On how he feels this year:
"I feel good. I am more of a complete back than I was in the past. I have gotten bigger and stronger, so I just try to do it all—catch the ball and pass block."

DT Kareem Brown

On Louisville:
"Coach Coker told us that they lost one game in the past three years at home. It is going to be a dog fight, so we just have to bring it. There can't be any mental mistakes. We have to be one heartbeat and play as a team."

On Louisville's offense:
"We are up for the challenge. We don't care who it is, we are going to play our best game. We believe in Coach Shannon and whatever game plan he brings we will execute."

On loss of Michael Bush:
"Their backup is pretty good. Obviously, Bush was a Heisman candidate, but their backup is not a big drop-off. We are approaching the game the same way and we are going to take it to them."

LB Jon Beason

On importance of Louisville:
"We definitely cannot lose another one, so it is all or nothing."

On short week to prepare for FAMU:
"With the quick turnaround, it was extremely difficult, and we had a rain day this week, so the preparation was not normal, but you just have to keep pushing through it."

On defense versus FAMU:
"I think from a defensive standpoint, we played worst than we played last week. We should have played better. We came out and made a lot of mistakes and we should not have made those mental errors, but we'll be ready for the next game."

WR Darnell Jenkins

On the offense versus FAMU:
"Basically we were just trying to run the ball today and keep our offensive line consistent and let the running backs see the holes and then hit them. We have great running backs, Tyrone is back, and we just wanted to see what our running backs were capable of doing."

On his consistency in the first two games:
"I am a senior and I am also a leader. I have been waiting for this opportunity. Anytime the ball comes my way, it is mine. I have to be dependable."

On Louisville preparation:
"I don't know how that game is going to go. We just have to go in the film room and watch film and study those guys. We have to break the film down and see where we can take shots downfield and where we can't."

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