Q&A with Anthony Wollschlager

Senior Anthony Wollschlager is the starting center for the Hurricanes.

Are you concerned that you will have to keep up in scoring the Louisville?

"They do have a high powered offense and if that is how we have to win, that is what we have to do. Obviously it is going to take some points to beat this team, but I am also confident in our defense to do some good things."

Is this a make or break game?

"Definitely, you can't have a national championship type season with two losses. You can still have the ACC Championship, but in the big scheme of things this is a make or break game."

Would a win at Louisville ease the pain of the FSU loss?

"After that game, we just said that was it for the rest of the season. There is no more room to make mistakes. As far as true vindication, it would be good to go out on national television and show everybody what we can do and how good we can be. We are looking forward, we are not looking back."

As an underdog, is this game similar to last year's Virginia Tech game?

"The underdog thing doesn't really matter. Last year's game against Virginia Tech was later in the season and they were ranked 3rd then. That was a huge game then. This week's game is very big, but I don't think it is on that same level. Every game is huge when you think about the possibilities after a loss."

Do you feel like there is a lack of respect from Louisville?

"Yeah, there is a lack of respect. But, I am not going to get into a battle of words. I am not big on opening my mouth. I just want to get out there and play and we'll see how it goes from there."

Do you feel like you can come in and surprise Louisville?

"I think you can't underestimate anybody. If you underestimate someone, it can get ugly real quickly. From what they are saying, the perception is that they don't respect us and they might be taking us lightly. We'll see what happens."

Is the offensive line unit better since FSU?

"Coach Olson said to us that the biggest leaps a player can make is from their first to their second game. You come out your first game and it is kind of a warm up game to get the rust and the kinks out which means playing a team like FSU, the game will be up and down. The second game you come out and work out all the kinks and I think we definitely made a lot of improvement since the FSU."

Why is the offensive line better since FSU?

"From an offensive line standpoint we played sloppy. We didn't have good technique and a lot of guys were sloppy and didn't pay attention to detail. All week long we committed to working on that against FAMU. No matter who you play, your technique is your technique."

Did Jason Fox have the best grade after the FAMU game?

"I believe he did. We haven't gotten print out of the grades from the games. Him and Derrick Morse both graded out at an 85 for the FSU game."

What are your thoughts on how Jason Fox has performed?

"It is pretty amazing. I can remember him standing in the parking lot before the season started and he asked me ‘hey, what are the chances of me starting this year?' I said hey man, don't get your hopes up, but you never know. Don't get locked into playing tackle, you may be playing guard, you never know. But, he has come in and is doing very well—off the charts. For only playing two games, he is amazing."

What do you think of the running back rotation?

"Getting all those guys experience is a good thing. Just the amount of talent we have back there is amazing. It has got to be real tough for the coaches and offensive staff to see Derron leading in rushing. Charlie is the starter and our workhorse, then we have Tyrone coming back, and Derron. We have guys making plays left and right. It is good to know if somebody needs to come in, the next guy will pick up the slack."

How important is it for Tyrone Moss to be back?

"It means a lot for the offense. He brings a lot of big play ability. Tyrone really has the experience and the ability to break some big runs. He can make something big happen. He has good football speed. He has the natural abilities and talent and the angles he takes. He just looks fast on the field. Not to mention, he is a big boy who can get through those holes and turn on the burst and hit that extra gear to go."

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