UM Traditionally Succeeds in Underdog Role

I have been one of the biggest critics over the past two weeks as to what's happened to the football program at the University of Miami, but I still believe in our guys. I believe in the football players that are there.

Yes, we lost to FSU 13-10 in a game I still think was pretty embarrassing to lose because I truly believe FSU is just not that good. Troy proved that.

But this week, Miami is a profound underdog.

The point spread began as Miami being a five point underdog to Louisville. Louisville nearly beat Miami a couple of years in the Orange Bowl falling 41-38, but when it was crunch time, Miami came back and turned it on.

Is this the same Miami team? Obviously not.

But the last time Miami was an underdog like this was last year when the ‘Canes traveled to Blacksburg to play Virginia Tech and proceeded to destroy the Hokies 27-7 forcing 6 turnovers. The defense played like maniacs.

This is essentially the same defense as it was last year. It might actually be a bit better in the secondary and deeper on the defensive line. The offense is much of the same as well. I.E. It's not that good to be quite honest. But it wasn't that good last year either. And let's remember, it was in this game that Tyrone Moss went down. Charlie Jones proceeded to have a great game against one of the stingiest defenses in the country.

But the ‘Canes defense won that game. And the same will happen in Louisville this Saturday.

So the Cardinals have racked up a ton of yards. Let's remember, it was Temple and Kentucky, not exactly the best defenses in the nation sitting pretty at No. 103 and No. 116.

Miami is No. 7 in total defense. So let's be real here. While this is a test for Miami, this is also a test for Louisville.

Will Miami shut Louisville down? Of course not. But will Louisville put up 38 on Miami like it did a couple of years ago? Not a chance.

Randy Shannon should know more of what to do against this offense. The Cardinals love short crossing routes. The ‘Canes should have been preparing for that all week. The ‘Canes should be ready for that.

But Louisville's Nate Harris should have also kept his mouth shut. You should always let the sleeping dogs lie. And Harris may have awoken a dog that's ready to bite hard Saturday and bite often.

I like Miami, not just because I am a ‘Canes fan, but because history has shown that when Miami is a dog, the ‘Canes come out biting and winning.

Miami 27, Louisville 21

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