Jacksonville LB High On UM

Brandon Hicks is considered by some to be the state's top linebacker prospect this year. The Jacksonville (Fla.) Forrest standout talked about the latest.

"We're doing alright so far," Hicks said. "We've lost by one touchdown the last two games to Mandarin and Wolfson. We need to get our offense straight. We have a bye week and then next week we play Lee."

Hicks, who has three interceptions in four games, talked about the season he's been having.

"I'm having a pretty good year myself," he said. "I don't know my tackles but it's quite a few and I'm averaging almost an interception a game. I'm gonna be playing some receiver this week and hopefully make some big plays on offense."

Hicks, 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, has not yet scheduled any recruiting visits but plans on doing that soon.

"It's still the same at the top," he said. "Florida and Miami are tied at the top but now Michigan is coming after me pretty strong. I'd say they're next on my list. That's my top three."

Hicks, who says he talks to UM coach Clint Hurtt on a regular basis, talked about the season Miami's been having.

"I know they've lost two games but I actually haven't seen either one because I've been at work," he said. "It doesn't matter too much to me. The only thing it might do is cause you to think that they might have a losing record and I don't wanna go to a place with a losing record but that's not going to happen with them. They're a lot better than that. And on the otherhand, if they haven't been winning like they're used to, they probably have some areas where they need help. I'd probably be able to play right away and not have to sit."

Hicks said while he'll pay some attention to the records of the teams this year, it won't matter too much.

"I visited both Miami and Florida over the summer with my parents so I know what it's really like as a program," he said. "I'd be very happy with either of them."

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