Phillips Second on the Team in Tackles

Against Louisville, the UM defense surrendered four passing plays that went for at least 24 yards. Safety Kenny Phillips lead the ‘Canes in tackles with eight during the game.

"Basically we just need to get better," Kenny Phillips said. "We are allowing too many people to catch passes this year and we know we are way better than we are showing right now."

Phillips says that nothing that Louisville did particularly surprised the defense, it was just poor execution of the game plan by the defense.

"Everything they did, we went over in practice and stuff we didn't go over, we've seen in the past," Phillips said. "Basically, it comes back to the secondary as a whole. We need to work on the little things right now like our alignment."

"I don't think we executed the game plan well. We have seen a lot of mistakes on film that we should not have made. If we would have run it the right way, the defense would have worked that Coach Shannon called for us. Basically everybody on the team has got to fix it."

On a number of pass plays, Louisville burned UM's secondary by using play-action passing. If that happens during the game, Phillips says that the corner has to make a play on the ball in a one-on-one situation.

"It really should not affect us, because even when it is a play action pass, the corner is still supposed to play pass," Phillips said. "If the safety gets sucked up to the line, then the corners are still there to help them out."

Phillips, who is second on the team with 15 tackles through three games, believes that the problems the secondary is having now can be easily fixed.

"Last year, we didn't give up very many big plays, but against Louisville, we gave up three or four in one game," Phillips said. "I am not that concerned because it is the small stuff that we need to improve like our alignment—like maybe you are supposed to be inside but your outside—stuff like that."

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