Olsen Discusses Critics

With high expectations coming into the season, after three games that has seen the University of Miami post a 1-2 record, tight end Greg Olsen is a key figure who's been a virtual no-show in those games and a player the ‘Canes need to play well and be effective in order to win.

But Greg Olsen's not worried even though he's only got 8 catches for 79 yards in three games because he believes the work that his team puts in will eventually pay dividends.

"We are not worried about what people say outside of here. Those people don't know how hard we work, the time and energy we put into this," Olsen said. "So for them to sit back and criticize and say what they want, that's fine. They are entitled to do that. They are not involved in this program. They don't know what we're about."

But the critics have become a large part of the majority. Many of them are looking for a scapegoat in coach Larry Coker, but the players, at the same time, have simply not performed in key situations.

Mistakes have become and all too common thing though for the ‘Canes as turnovers and penalties have cost them immensely in their two losses to Florida State and Louisville.

"As far as what we're concerned, we don't care what other people think. We know what we have here. We know what we're capable of. We know what's wrong," Olsen said.

But correcting what's been wrong has been the problem for the ‘Canes. They knew what was wrong after the Florida State game and didn't correct it, actually scoring less against the Cardinals than they did against the Seminoles.

Olsen though ignores the critics because getting back on the winning track is what is on his mind.

"Any time you lose, people are going to come up to their conspiracy theories to why, and 90% of the time, those people don't have much credit behind what they say," Olsen said. "We can win out the rest of the season and those same people criticizing us will tell us we're the best team. That's how this game works."

But it's got to start with Olsen finding ways himself to help make the team better. He came into the season as a Preseason All-America and considered the best tight end in the country by many publications, but he simply hasn't lived up to that billing thus far this season. The 2+ catches average per game has clearly not been good enough, not to mention the fact he dropped an easy pass that would have given Miami a first down inside the Louisville 20-yard line when the ‘Canes led 7-3.

Instead, the ‘Canes opted for a 40-yard field goal by Jon Peattie that hit the upright. That was the beginning of the end for Miami in its loss at Louisville.

"Things obviously haven't gone well for anyone. This isn't what we were prepared for. But it falls onto us," Olsen said.

"We haven't executed and we haven't played up to our potential. When you play good teams, if you don't play well and you do things we did last week to hurt ourselves, you are not going to win."

It's time that changes and it starts with Olsen.

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