Impact Freshman: OL Jason Fox

By far, the player that has made the biggest impact of any freshmen for the University of Miami football team this season has been Jason Fox.

Fox is the only freshman to start every game for UM this season. He has already demonstrated his versatility on the line this season, making two starts at right tackle in the first two games and making one start at left tackle versus Louisville.

"Technique-wise switching from left to right tackle is not a big issue for me," Fox said. "As long as I am on the field, I am fine. It is backwards with the technique. There is no mental issue. All the steps are different and that is it."

Versus FSU and FAMU, Fox graded out as the best offensive lineman of any player on the team. For how impressive Fox has been, he is still not content with his play this season.

"I am not completely satisfied," Fox said. "I have made plenty of technique mistakes, but overall I think I have done an ok job. I have a lot of improvement to do and I have a long way to go to where I want to be."

During the FSU and Louisville games, Fox played every offensive snap for the ‘Canes. Fox believes the addition of Tyrone Byrd this week will help him feel fresh when he is in the game this week.

"Tyrone helps us out a lot," Fox said. "We will have a lot more depth and we can play without as many people getting tired."

The offensive line has struggled this season; particularly in picking up the blitz in the middle of the offensive line. Though sack numbers are down from last season, the line is still allowing far too many pressures on quarterback Kyle Wright.

"We all have a lot of improvement to make," Fox said. "Those guys on the offensive line are all great teammates and play very hard. Every day we are striving to get better, so we will be where we want to be. We just go out and play hard. People are going to want to criticize and say what they want to say, but we will just go out and play football."

After watching film of each game, Fox believes that the offensive line is close to springing big runs and giving Wright adequate time.

"Some times, on running plays, if one person made a better block then the back could have a chance to score," Fox said. "Some times it comes to the running back, if he makes one more block, then he is gone. We are close to making big plays and to where we want to be."

A native of Crowley, Texas, Fox is not surprised by the early season success of Houston (4-0). One reason Fox cites for his early success is the expectations that were put on him while playing high school football in Texas. "There were definitely a lot of expectations in high school, but I am at Miami right now and the expectations could not be any higher," Fox said. "We are expected to win and that is our only goal right now."

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