Sharpe Preparing for Houston Offense

Last Saturday against Louisville, University of Miami cornerback Glenn Sharpe was on the wrong side of some ugly play in the secondary. Not as much for his own fault as it was the defensive scheme that was employed by defensive coordinator Randy Shannon against the pass happy Cardinals.

But if the defensive scheme doesn't change, it's likely Sharpe will see the same type of offense as Houston comes to Miami with a pass happy offense that is led by senior quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Glenn Sharpe is confident following some good practices that his team will be ready to beat what has so far shown to be a pretty good Coguars team.

"We had a good week of practice. We feel very confident," Sharpe said. "Houston is an undefeated team so we are just trying to look ahead to defeating Houston."

However, with the ‘Canes having struggled incredibly on offense this year and experiencing some difficulties on defense against Louisville especially in the secondary, Sharpe and company need to step up their level of play after getting torched by a Brian Brohm and Hunter Cantwell.

"They (Houston) do a lot of things well as I can see on film," Sharpe said. "The receivers are pretty good receivers, pretty quick dudes, fast dudes, tall dudes. They have good speed. The quarterback is very accurate so we are going to have our hands full.

"They do a lot of shifting and motion so we have to be on our ‘A' game."

What appeared to many fans and media members in the second half of the Louisville game was that Miami just quit, something that is very unlike Miami teams in the past.

But Sharpe disagreed.

"We know that wasn't our mindset," Sharpe said. "It's about finishing. Finishing is just doing all the things that you have to do for four quarters in order to get a win and that's what we plan on doing."

However, in the Miami's two real games, FAMU not included, that's something Miami has failed to do and it failed miserably. Sharpe ignores the outside critics of the team and his says that's key to Miami being successful again this season starting with a win against Houston.

"I think as a team, we're pretty confident," Sharpe said. "Everyone is feeling good about themselves and we are just looking forward to the Houston game.

"We just have to focus and not let all the outside stuff affect how we play the game and affect our togetherness as a football team and our unity."

With Sharpe though it starts with his own play and how he does because he feels that he can get better as a cornerback.

"I tend to grade myself hard so my personal performance has been ok, but not the best I can do," Sharpe said. "When I go out there I try to do my best, but when I watch film I see some things I could have done better. I haven't played bad, but I don't feel that I am playing up to my level."

He'll get another chance Saturday against another pass happy team.

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