1-on-1 with Jon Peattie

Jon Peattie took time to sit down with CanesTime.com and discuss his senior season thus far.

CanesTime: Talk about the misses you've had this season in particular the one against Houston.

Jon Peattie: "All you can do after a miss is just look at the film. The next day I watched it about 100 times and looked over my technique. I noticed some of the things I was doing wrong--I wasn't finishing my kicks and I was falling out of the kick, which I have done on all of my misses this year. So I just have to get back to getting my technique perfect."

CT: By your reaction on the kick against Houston, it looked like you thought it went in, but we couldn't tell from the pressbox. Did you think it went in?

JP: "Yeah I did. I put my hands up so I felt like an idiot after I missed it. Right when I hit it, I thought I hit it well and then I saw it going to the left. I coudln't believe it. I still thought it was in, but the ref said it didn't. It was pretty frustrating."

CT: Talk about your mindset before that kick and trying to get back on track after the misses at Louisville.

JP: "Honestly, people say not to think about it, but I don't really think about it. It's a new game and I was really focused that game. I had a couple of extra points and I knew we were up so that was good. I just felt like I always do like in practice and just ran out there, but it just sailed on me. That was the most frustrating thing, but then I saw the film and I probably could be fixing my technique a little bit better."

CT: Take us back to the Louisville game and with the two misses there and obviously with the loss, it piles on more.

JP: "When you are winning games and missing kicks it is not as bad as when you are losing games and missing kicks it definitely stands out more. It's just frustrating because you wish you could go back and redo them, but you can't so you just have to move on and try to make the next ones you get."

CT: How about your season as a whole and how it doesn't look good being 1-of-4 on the year?

JP: "Yeah, definitely. It just stinks because our offense has either scored a touchdown or been out of field-goal range. We haven't had as many opportunities as I have had in the past by the fifth week, but that is the name of the game and in my position you have to make the ones that you are given. I understand that and I know it looks bad that I am 1-for-4, but there is nothing that I can do about that now so I just have to get back in practice to get it done."

CT: What are the keys to getting back on a positive note?

JP: "I just have to try to do what I do in practice in the games, that is the bottom line. I'm not nervous, I have three years of experience, it is something that I do daily, and it just comes natural. I just have to get back to focusing on the little things that help you be a good kicker."

CT: Have any of your teammates said anything to you to keep you positive?

JP: "Not really. Some guys have, but most of them just let me be on my own because it's not like they know what to say. No one really knows what to say to me so I am just bascially on my own trying to get it fixed."

CT: Coach Coker has not been pleased with the misses and has voiced his opinion to us in the media, does that bother you and has he said anything to you about it?

JP: "It doesn't bother me, but he hasn't really talked to me either. I don't know what he would say to me if he would talk to me, but he hasn't really approached me outside of football or out at practice. I don't really read the papers so I don't even know what he is saying. But he says what he is going to say."

CT: Do you ever feel that your job is on the line?

JP: "Everybody's position is on the line especially on this kind of a level and this good of a team. I always feel like I have someone pushing me and there's always good kickers and we have a lot of them out here. I feel like it is on the line, but again I feel like I can get the job done and I just have to do it."

Do you feel like you pressure yourself too much?

JP: "I think I put the most pressure on me all of the time. My family always tells me that I put too much on myself, but I have always prided myself on that because if I don't do it, then I just look lazy. I definitely do put a lot of pressure on myself and maybe I put too much, but it hasn't really hurt me in the past. I just have to make the kicks, that's it."

CT: Jon, thanks for the time and best of luck the rest of the season.

JP: "Alright, thanks."

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