Locker Room Report vs. North Carolina

Inside the Miami locker room following a 27-7 victory over North Carolina.

Calais Campbell

On his play in the game:
"My goal today was to just play hard and make tackles and hit every chance that I get to. I feel like I got some opportunities to make some plays and I did."

On stopping the running game:
"Since the spring, I have been working on playing the run. I feel like I have done a real good job of that under a good coach like Coach Palermo. Today was the kind of day where I feel good and everything just went right for us."

On difference of defensive line:
"We are playing with attitude. Coach Shannon put attitude on the board a couple of weeks ago and he challenged us to play with more attitude. We are finishing and playing with attitude now in practice and that is how we are going to play."

Lovon Ponder

On last time he played quarterback:
"The last time I played quarterback, I was in optimist and I was six years old."

On why the coaches chose him to throw the pass:
"They wanted to see which of the defensive backs could throw the ball best and they decided I could do it the best. One time I maxed out throwing the ball 70 yards."

On how long he had been working on the play:
"We have been working on it since Monday. Coach Olson gave me a hint it was going to be called before the game today."

Randy Phillips

On Lovon Ponder:
"They called his number today and he showed the coaches what he could do. He stepped up when we needed him to step up. That is how we play here."

On defensive turnovers:
"It is about time that we started to take the ball away from people. We are playing well, we got a lot of three and outs and we forced a lot of turnovers."

On play of defensive line:
"The defensive line played awesome. That is the reason why I got my interception. They forced the quarterback to throw the ball early and I just sat on it and made the play. The sacks came from everywhere, they were great today."

Greg Olsen

On recent criticism of his play:
"The critics can do whatever they want to do, that does not affect what I do. We are our own biggest critics and our own biggest fans. We don't worry about what everybody else says."

On offensive success:
"We did a lot of good stuff, it was nothing special really. It was pretty simple. It was just the execution was better. We pass blocked better and the quarterbacks threw the ball well. Everyone clicked on the last drive of the first half, we got a touchdown and that was huge."

On if the offense made it a point to get him involved this week:
"I don't think so. I think we were running pretty much the same stuff, but today we were able to execute and we had a real good idea on what they wanted to do defensively. We were able to create the mismatches that we thought would be effective for us."

Sam Shields

On first touchdown of career:
"It felt good. That was my first touchdown in college football and it feels good. I just need to keep on working though and get another."

On if he expected the gadget play to be called today:
"Yeah because we worked on that all week. Not just this week, but we have been working on it. We called it and it came at the right time."

On if there are more gadget plays to come:
"We are working on a little bit more, but we will see if they come out in the coming weeks; I can't talk about that too much."

Javarris James

On success of running game:
"The offensive line did a real good job. They told me they were going to give me some good runs and when I got that long run, the hole was so big that anybody could have run through it."

On feeling any pressure or expectations to perform:
"I try to put all the expectations behind me. I try to just go out there and play my game and not worry about what other people say. I practiced real hard the whole week and tried to not change anything since day one and so far it has worked out."

On how his sore quad feels:
"I feel real good. I am just a little sore, but I feel a lot better than I did last week."

Jon Beason

On interception:
"Well we had it where I had to cover a receiver. I guess they thought it was a mismatch with a linebacker on a receiver, but I had good coverage and made a play."

On giving offense good field position after turnovers:
"That is the best thing. When we make turnovers the offense can go take advantage of that. That really takes the life out of teams. You take the life out of the offense with a turnover and the defense has to come back out onto the field."

On morale of team after win:
"We know this is one more step in the right direction. We got the victory versus North Carolina and now we will look forward to FIU."

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