Edge Talks About Baby J: Part I

Former UM running back Edgerrin James, 28, took time to discuss his younger cousin Javarris James, a freshman starter at running back for the Miami Hurricanes.

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Talk about how Javarris and is success thus far

"He's doing everything he was supposed to do and he's living up to everything he was brought up to be. He's doing everything the right away and now he has a chance to show everyone what he has been preparing himself to do for the longest.

Did you get to see his 62-yard run live when it happened and if so, what did you think?

"I was in the locker room and I have the college package so anytime the Hurricanes are on, I watch them. Everyone in the building heard about it when it happened because I made it known. Before it happened I told everyone to watch because Baby J was going to break a big one. It kind of made me look like a genius when it happened. When I saw it, there was no doubt that it was a touchdown because once he is in the open field you are not going to see him get pulled down because he is real strong in the lower body."

How would you compare your running style to his?

"Baby J is starting to understand the game. Once you start to understand the game, you adjust your game to the game. He understands when there is nothing there to fight to get back to the line of scrimmage and lower your pads and hit the defender before they hit you. The difference between us is that Baby J is going to take it to the house a lot. He has that Eric Dickerson stride that is going to get you a bunch of big runs. That is the thing I tell people is that he is going to take a lot of big runs to the house."

When did he start tagging along with you going to Pop Warner games?

"Probably when he was able to walk. He was the mascot when he was too young to do stuff. He had his little fake helmet and fake jersey and it carried all the way through my UM days. He was always there at the games and that is why I always wanted to be there for him because he was always there for me."

When did you start teaching him the skills of a running back?

"Naturally he learned a lot of things, but once he got to high school that is when things got real technical and breaking down the little things, but as far as playing and having fun he has the natural ability. "

He has a similar first step to you, is that natural or was it taught to him?

"It is probably natural. He's probably seen it so much that he has developed it. You never know where he gets it from. Just like me, when you see something over and over again you try to emulate it, but you don't know where exactly it came from, but you make it a part of your game. He has a lot of parts of his game that is going to make him the best back to come out of UM."

What makes you think Javarris will be better than all of the former UM backs?

"He is more polished. He's ahead of his time. He's had hands on coaching and everything. He's watched this for so long. He knows everybody's strengths and what he likes about their game. For him, you can see he's going to be the best player because he has the short game, mid-range game, and the end game where he is going to take it to the house. That's the total package and he's off to a good start early. He's just going to get better because he wants to be the best, that's the main thing."

You went through hard times at UM 1996-97 and former players are being critical about the program's direction now, what are your thoughts on what UM is going through?

"It is a privilege and an honor to play under those lights and there are a lot of expectations and you have to live up to them. That's when the younger guys have to step up. If you look at the last game there were a lot of younger guys making plays and that is the future of the University of Miami. You see a lot of young guys on the field making plays and that is what it is about. The program will be lifted up in no time, they are just going through tough times now, but you never worry about UM."

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