Wright Adapting to WR Depth

With the lack of depth the University of Miami is dealing with at the receiver position, finding and targeting tight end Greg Olsen in the offense will be more important now than it has ever been.

Olsen had a strong showing for UM versus North Carolina this past Saturday, leading the team in receptions (8) and yards (95).

According to quarterback Kyle Wright, Florida International plays a similar defense to North Carolina—so expect another big game from Olsen.

"Last week we saw a lot of single safety defensive formations and we will see a lot of that this week," Wright said. "That formation allows for Greg to get up the seam and really have linebackers try to cover him one on one. I think that created some windows for us to get him the ball."

"Getting the ball to a specific player is not something I emphasize every week. I don't say I am going to throw 30 balls to the receivers one week and then another game I am going to throw 20 to the tight ends. It is something that naturally happens and you take what the defense gives you."

The production of Olsen has become even more important for the UM offense with the recent injury to senior wide receiver Darnell Jenkins. Except for junior receiver Lance Leggett, Miami will have to depend on a plethora of young and unproven receivers.

"It is definitely a difficult situation for the offense because it is not like we are coming into the season loaded at the position depth wise," Wright said. "Then to lose your top two player-makers at the position on the depth chart is tough."

Versus North Carolina, freshmen Sam Shields and Ryan Hill were the second and third leading receivers in yards for the ‘Canes.

"I have been happy with how Ryan and Sam have stepped up, even though that is not something you necessarily want your freshman guys to do," Wright said.

Miami has already had to deal with the bad aspect of depending on freshmen late in the game in a crucial situation. On third down and long, in the waning minutes of the game versus FSU, Wright threw a perfect pass to Shields which he dropped and ended any chance of a UM comeback.

As the confidence and playing time of Hill and Shields will undoubtedly grow as the season progresses, so will the production of the offense.

Hill and Shields have been forced into playing time out of necessity. ‘Canes fans and the new offense will have to live with the good and the bad of having to rely on young players at receiver.

"It is tough for them to have to be the go to guy and playmaker where in the middle of the game their play becomes in a crucial," Wright said. "You don't really want your freshmen in those situations. But they are growing and it is going to be beneficial for us in the end."

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