Locker Room Report vs. FIU

Inside the locker room of Miami's 35-0 victory over FIU.

Athletic Director Paul Dee

On fight
"It is extremely unfortunate when you have something like this occur in the game. I don't have enough information to say where things are. We are going to look at the tapes and once we do that we will have more to say. It is very unfortunate that this occurred."

WR Lance Leggett

On big game
"I felt good out there. I started the game out bad with a drop. But, on that second touchdown, that should have been Sam Shields' touchdown. He got me mad because I wanted him to score."

On becoming a go to target
"They are coming to me with the ball and I just have to make the plays right now. I can't let up. I can't drop any passes, I have to look everything in. I started off slow this game, so I had to pick my game up. Kyle said he is not going to stop coming to me so I just have to make the big catches."

On first half struggles
"We were a little frustrated, but we know we should have thrown the ball better on those guys. They have a good defense, but we should have thrown the ball on them better."

DE Calais Campbell

On his force fumble and recovery
"That was big. I was coming off the edge and I saw that I had a chance to hit the quarterback. I went for the ball and it popped up into my hand and I tried to get out of the pile and score, but somebody knocked me down from behind."

On play of defensive line
"I think we did real good; especially some of the younger players that got into the game. I think as a unit, we have got some momentum going into next week."

RB Tyrone Moss

On performance versus FIU
"I felt good. I felt like my old self. Me and Javarris are rotating in and out of the game. I feel like FIU came in here wanting to stop the run."

On how knee is feeling
"No soreness. I have done a lot of stretching and rehabbing right now, so I have no pain. I was just going into the game and doing my best."

What he had been doing these past two weeks
"I have been doing a lot of stretching to keep my knee going."

On if his role will expand in the coming weeks
"It is up to the coaches. Coach Coker likes to play a lot of running backs which I think is good. As long as we are winning, it doesn't really matter."

On if he still feels like the burst is there
"Yes. I have not played in two games and I can still feel that the burst is there. I still got it. In the weeks to come, you will see me get off."

OL Anthony Wollschlager

On first half offense
"We played pretty sloppy in the first half. We came in at halftime and realized we needed to get some of our stuff straightened out. In the second half we put it together and did a pretty good job."

On first half adjustments
"We knew we weren't taking care of business in the first half and dropping balls. We went over what they were doing on the defense and drew it up on the board. We went out and said ‘Lets keep pounding.' And then we did what we did in the second half."

On offensive line improvement
"I think since the Houston game we have been getting a good push up front. Since the Houston game and when Javarris broke that big run last week, the offensive line has come out and done a really good job in the second half."

FS Kenny Phillips

On his interception in the endzone
"That was not my interception. That credit should be given to the defensive line and linebackers. They got the pressure and made the quarterback throw it crazy. The pass was deflected and I made the play."

On his big hit in the second half
"I kind of knew what the player was going to do. I kind of ran up to him and waited for him and went into him."

On how many FIU players he knew
"I knew a lot of their guys. Before the game I went over and shook hands with the guys that I knew."

On if there was a lot of talking during the game
"There was a lot of talking; especially from them, but most of it was out of competitiveness."

TE Greg Olsen

On the fight
"I didn't really see much of what was happening. It is what it is. It is a difficult situation to be in, you are trying to protect your teammates, but at the same time you need to be smart."

On perception of UM after fight
"People can say whatever they want. They are going to say what they want regardless. We don't really care what people outside of this team think."

On injury during game
"I only played one series. I got a little concussion. I got knocked out a little bit. I am fine, it was more of a preventative thing."

DE Courtney Harris

On first sack
"It felt great. It got my confidence up. That is what made me so good on scout team last year; my confidence. I am just trying to bring that confidence to the field."

On how sacks happened
"We were running stunts on both of my sacks really. We know the tackles don't really go with the defensive ends on those plays that it left me free. I took advantage of the opportunity."

On if he knew he would get a lot of reps this week
"Our playing time is dictated by how we practice. How we practice is how we play."

LB Colin McCarthy

On the block punt
"The punt before my block, we ran the same rush and we got close. When we came off the field we went to coach and he said lets do it again and we will get it. We got the rush and I timed the snap just right and I got it."

On the impact of the block punt
"It was big as far as momentum. I am just trying to make a play and I am glad it worked out."

On his role on the team now
"On I am trying to do my thing on kick coverage and return. I am just trying to help out as best I can. As far as linebacker I am second team weak-side linebacker now behind Beason. This year I am getting used to the system and learning as best I can. In the beginning it was real hectic trying to learn everything, but now I am trying to play football."

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