Practice Update - August 11th

Unfortunately today's practice was cut short due to lightning. I have read some reports that Ken Dorsey hasn't been all that sharp this summer. Well today he was throwing bullets. 40 yard spirals on the run, right on the money. Today he was very impressive, his arm looks the strongest it has ever been. His chemistry with AJ is terrific, they have really developed a feel for each other.

Glowing reports on AJ have been pouring in ad nauseam, but the kid is in rare form this summer. He just makes everything look so effortless. He and Dorsey have really clicked. Dorsey is doing a great job of anticipating where he will be, and leads him very nicely on post routes and deep outs. This is going to make this duo damn near unstoppable folks. Because there is no one.. I repeat NO ONE who can cover Andre Johnson one on one. Not on this team, not on any team.

Mr. Winslow continues to impress me. He runs like a WR, and has clearly bulked up to what I would say is at least 235, maybe even 245. Physically, he is as impressive a TE as you could want. He and Dorsey are also clicking nicely. It won't be long until he opens defenses the way Shockey did last year. Teams are going to have to pay extra attention to him. I can't see many LBs being able to hang with him in coverage.

Today in some passing drills, Roscoe Parish made a very impressive fingertip diving catch on a long pass from Crudup. Roscoe is going to be a very dangerous slot guy.

Kevin Beard looks like a new man this summer. He explodes into his routes and looks very confident catching the ball.. Always with his hands first. It looks as though he is well entrenched as the #2 WR.

Ethnic Sands continues to look solid, but the natural talent gap is becoming clear between Beard and Sands.. This is no knock on Ethnic, just a result of Beard starting to step up and assert himself as a playmaker. If this continues, it is going to become nightmarish for defensive coordinators. Coincidentally there was a funny moment in the "gauntlet" drill, when players have to snag the ball and run through a dozen or so tires to get to the other side.. Ethnic got stuck. and could not get out. This drew a hearty laugh from the crowd, and even some ribbing from coach Coker himself who made some sort of joke that everyone found funny. although I could not hear exactly what he was saying.

Eric Winston got lots of work with the 2d team offense. It looks as though he is going to be a big part of the plans on offense. I would not quite call him slow-footed or lumbering, it's just hard to follow Kellen Winslow. He moves well enough to be an effective target and will obviously be an asset as a blocker.

I got to watch some of the young linemen and came away very impressed with Kareem Brown and Baraka Atkins. These two are going to be big timers, mark it down. Also, Tony Tella and Rashad Butler have seem to entrenched themselves thus far as the tackles of the future. John Wood and Javon Nanton are relentless, they play with a ton of energy, but Tella and Butler handled them quite well. Atkins got the best of Robert Bergman on a few occasions. Kareem Brown completely overmatched Chris Napoli with his power and quickness.

A few side notes: Sinorice Moss is very impressive, but very raw. If I had to guess right now, I would say he red shirts but we'll see.

J-Mac and Andrew Williams continue to work with the rehab bunch (joining Payton, Gore, Justus, Harvey and now Jolla) However, the two DEs are progressing nicely each day and I would venture to guess they will be back practicing at full speed next week.

Quad Hill got a lot of work at both FB and TB. I still don't know who the new big FB (#84) is and no, it is not Alex Duk.

A little extras ... Bryant Mckinnie was out there and has a nice 30 lb. spare tire going. From his body language he doesn't seem to concerned about his present situation. I wouldn't hold my breath on seeing him in Vikings cap anytime soon, hope I'm wrong.

Also, there was a chiseled young man wearing yellow shorts and a blue tank-top watching the DBs and WRs. Could this have been a Devin Hester sighting?? It looked like him, but I never got close enough to be sure.

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