Brown, D-Line Must Pressure QB Ball

As Clemson showed versus Georgia Tech; a good pass rush can greatly disrupt an offense and cause for star receiver Calvin Johnson to become ineffective.

Clemson pressured Georgia Tech quarterback Reggie Ball primarily by running stunts along the defensive line. Miami defensive tackle Kareem Brown believes that if they can execute their stunts, then that could cause problems for the Georgia Tech offense.

"Clemson did a lot of moving around, which we do really well, because we have a lot of athletes," Brown said. "I think we can do a good job of limiting what they can do."

While Ball's stats versus UM last season are not impressive (11-for-30, 159 yards) the quarterback seemed to make plays when ‘Tech needed them most with his feet and his arm.

Ball scored the game winning touchdown on a 16 yard run and was only sacked once in the game.

So how does Miami plan to defend Ball this year?

"He is quick, and his decision making can be questionable at times, but he is an athlete and overall he is a good quarterback," Brown said. "We are going to try to pressure the quarterback like we do every game and force him into some tough throwing situations."

"We are not going to be passive with him, we are going to attack the whole game."

This season, Brown has two sacks on the year—far less than he expected in his final season at UM. Brown feels like the defensive line is getting better each week and that he can pick up his play the second half of the season and finish with a strong year.

"Midway through the season, I feel like I can still do a lot more," Brown said. "I wanted to finish the season with eight to ten sacks, so I have a lot of making up to do. As a defense, I feel like we are going in the right direction and every week we are getting better."

"Even against Duke, we gave up a lot of yards, but we were short in a lot of areas. We don't want to make excuses, but if we were full strength, it would have been a totally different game."

As a senior, Brown does not want to end his career without an ACC Championship. Though Miami is, of course, out of the picture for a National Championship, Brown is still stressing the fact that UM controls its own destiny in the ACC.

"Right now for us, with these two losses, every game is the biggest game of the year," Brown said. "We have all ACC games left and with one more loss, we put ourselves in a bad spot."

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