WR Unit Gets Boost From Jones

With UM's third wide receiver, Ryan Hill out of the game versus Duke, inexperienced players had to step in and be productive at receiver.

One player who stepped up was Rashaun Jones. Jones finished the game with six catches for 36 yards—proving the coaching staff and fans alike that he can be a viable piece of the offense this season.

"It felt good to get involved in the offense," Jones said. "I got a chance to show my talent and ability. I showed I can make plays."

"I wanted to go out and help my team the best I could. Some of my teammates weren't there, so I had to step up and play a role to help beat Duke."

Jones impressed the coaches enough that even with the return of Hill this week versus Georgia Tech, he does not believe that his playing time will decrease.

Jones had been praised last week during practice by both Coach Coker and Kyle Wright. Jones believes he is standing out recently because he has become more comfortable at the receiver position.

"I focused more last week," Jones said. "I tried to be consistent on my route running and catching and after the catch, getting up the field.. I am just trying to go all out."

"When I first came in during two-a-days this year, I was mainly getting by with my athleticism, but as time has gone on, I have learned the plays and now I feel comfortable on the field."

Jones is a player who got an opportunity versus Duke and he took advantage of it. If Jones continues to grow each week as he has the entire season, he will look at the Duke game as a point that changed his whole season.

"That game raises my confidence a lot," Jones said. "I feel like I can got out there and line up against any team and be poised and calm and perform to the best of my ability."


On Ryan Moore:
"Moore brings a lot of leadership. A lot of the players look up to him. He has been here a long time, so he knows the ins and outs about the game. He brings a lot of energy and a lot more talent to our unit."

On how Moore looks in practice
"He looks like he has never left. He is the same Ryan Moore catching the ball and running his routes."

On Moore's conditioning
"It looks like he has been conditioning pretty good. It doesn't look like he has lost a step to me."

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