Q&A with LB Jon Beason

Junior LB Jon Beason talked about his knee, the state of the program, and the mindset of the team heading into Virginia Tech.

How does the knee feel?

"The knee feels good. It has been feeling good for about the last week. The only thing right now with it is a strength issue. I am working hard and doing some overtime stuff to get ready. Unfortunately I have to wear a knee brace which restricts me a little bit, but those are the doctor's orders."

Are you feeling any soreness now?

"I haven't had any soreness and it has not swelled up on me. Everything feels ok."

How did you decide you could play versus Georgia Tech?

"I came out of a cast last Tuesday and I did five hours of rehab that day and then I did another four hours of rehab on Wednesday. I told Coach Shannon I could run on Wednesday and I was moving around and I felt pretty good. Going into the game I thought I was just going to be used in emergency situations like if somebody got hurt. At the end of the game, I just put myself out there to see if I could do it. The knee felt alright, but it was probably a little too early to play on it."

Do you wish the coaches played you earlier in the game?

"After the outcome and with the winning and competitive attitude that I have, I would love to be out there. For the most part, I think the defense did a good job without me."

Why did you want to risk an injury versus Georgia Tech after suffering what seemed like a semi-serious injury two weeks before?

"I just wanted to be a part of the end of this season. Being a fourth year guy, I consider myself a senior. I came here to win championships and that was my last chance for this season. That game defined my recruiting class with the guys I came in with and what we have done—and not been able to get a championship. That is what we come here for. For it to go down the way it did, hurt, but we have to move on."

As a leader of this team, what do you tell the team heading into Virginia Tech?

"It is about the University of Miami and the legacy, but the legacy is made by the individual wearing the uniform. To me, it is about having pride in ourselves. We are members of the 2006 Miami Hurricanes, and the tradition is up to us; we have to right the script. Virginia Tech is going to come down here and play—this is still a big game for us."

Will the leadership council have a meeting this week?

"I think we are done talking. We talk so much that right now it is about producing. Now it is about work. If everybody works and gives tremendous effort, then lets see what happens. We just have to keep fighting."

What concerns you the most about the state of the program?

"We are used to playing for championships, it takes an extremely mature individual to go out and play these last for games hard, even though you are not really playing for much. It is disappointing because we are a talented group, we have leaders and experience. For it to unfold this way is unfortunate, but we still have a lot to play for. We are still trying to get to a good bowl. 10-3 sounds a lot better than anything else, so that is the goal."

What do you see from Branden Ore on film?

"We saw him last year—he has great vision. Virginia Tech is doing a great job dedicating themselves. They decided that things weren't going right for them and they were going to pick it up. You can tell across the board, everyone is playing harder. That is what we have to do. Brandon Ore is reaping all the benefits of an offensive line that is playing great right now. He has great vision even though he is a small guy he is extremely powerful, and he is confident right now. We have done a good job of stopping the run all year and look forward to the challenge of stopping another running back. "

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