1-on-1 with Tim Walton

In a 1-on-1 interview, we talked with defensive backs coach Tim Walton as he discussed a variety of topics.

How would you say the defensive back unit has performed this season?

"They have been doing good. We have to work on for a couple of plays here or there that we have to eliminate from the game. I think Kenny Phillips is playing well and Glenn Sharpe is playing better as the year progresses. We have to eliminate one or two plays that if we do that, it would help turn the game in our favor."

Are you pleased with the progression of the unit this season?

"They are doing a good job of stopping the run. The safeties are doing a good job of coming up to stop the run, but like I said there are one or two plays that we have to eliminate. For the most part we are pretty solid, but you can't get evaluated on the most part, you have to get evaluated on the whole part. We are striving to change those plays that could swing the momentum in our favor so we can get the offense the ball or score on defense."

Which player has made the most progression from the first play of fall camp to the Georgia Tech game?

"I think Kenny Phillips is stepping his game up to the next level and I think Glenn Sharpe is doing better; he still has some things to work on and some things to do, but he is progressively getting better."

How has Kenny Phillips raised his game this year?

"He has played corner a little bit in a couple of games. He is a student of the game that does all the right things off of the field. He really tries to listen to the coaches. That is a big plus when you listen to the coaches and you go out there and execute and you already have talent. He had been getting better every week and he is versatile for us."

How are the young corner backs Bruce Johnson and Randy Phillips playing this season?

"They are progressing fine. We are still young, those guys are true sophomores so they are playing a lot of snaps. They just need to keep working. I am pleased with their skills and improvement. I am not satisfied with where they are at yet, because we can still get better."

Are their mistakes just due to the fact that they are young players?

"They just need to show attention to detail. Attention to detail lasts for 60 minutes. We have to get 60 minutes of effort from them and not 52 minutes. We are working on being able to play a full game with all of the guys."

How has Brandon Meriweather done at cornerback the past few games?

"He is doing solid. We are moving him around a lot out there and it takes a little bit of time, but I think he is doing fine. He needs to be progressing also because that is not an easy thing to do when you move to multiple positions."

What does he have to change in his game moving from the slot to the outside in coverage?

"Just the technique of playing there in the man cover side of playing. You have to be flawless in your coverage because you are out there on an island. It is something as a player that you have to get reps at doing on a consistent basis with the different looks, motions, and sets."

How would you characterize the play of Chavez Grant this year?

"He is doing well. He is coming in and playing his role. He comes in during nickel and dime situations. He is doing a solid job. He is a freshman and he has to keep progressing, and hopefully he can keep picking it up in these next four weeks."

How is Carlos Armour looking in practice?

"Carlos is doing fine. The thing with him is that you cannot play all the guys. Right now he is continuing to work to get better. He is doing things on special teams. We play about six guys out there maximum so those are the guys that are good enough for reps right now. He has just got to continue to grow."

Anthony Reddick has a protective boot on his foot, what is his injury?

"He has an ankle bothering him there a little. He is not coming back as well as he thought it would."

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