Virginia Tech Post-Game with Kirby Freeman

Quarterback Kirby Freeman talked about his performance against Virginia Tech. He played in one series and was 0-for-1 with an interception. He also rushed for 31 yards on carry.

Kirby Freeman on his performance:

"The run was great. The fumble was not great. The interception was not good. I'll go as far to say that this offense lacks just a little bit to make it special. If you put a great offense with this defense that we have, you are going to be one of the best teams in the country. We are struggling right now, but we are working our tails off to get better. Kyle and I are upset. We had an emotional moment together after the game.

"We asked each other, what can we do for us to get better personally. Do we need to work more on the blitzes? Do we need to work more on the routes with our receivers? We just don't know. We are working our tails off and it is just not working out for us. We owe the city of Miami, we owe Coach Coker, we owe this coaching staff, we owe the University of Miami, and most importantly we owe ourselves better than that. To answer your question, ever since I have been here, I have been labeled the athletic quarterback and I have tried to be even keel when I throw the ball."

"Tonight is about reflecting about the things we have not accomplished as a football team this year and how we are going to respond. We have four losses, but the main thing we said in the locker room was keep your head up. We did not give up. Virginia Tech is a good football team, so was Georgia Tech and Louisville. Our defense is playing some of the best defense in the country and we are not backing them up right now. We are doing everything we can thinking we are going to ball out on Saturday, but we are not."

"We are working really hard at what it takes to win games. We are playing in a tough ACC conference. This is difficult because we don't know how to handle losing four games in a season. None of us has ever done it before. Everybody on this team comes from good high school programs and we don't know how to lose. We are trying to do everything we can."

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