Locker Room Report vs. Virginia Tech

MIAMI, Fla. - Inside the Miami locker room following the Hurricnaes loss to Virginia Tech, 17-10.

Kyle Wright

On disappointing loss:

"All I know is that we did not play well. I know, looking around the locker room, that everybody is disappointed. They played well enough to win and it showed."

On taking back any bad throws in the game:

"As a quarterback you can't take anything back. You are going to have good throws, you are going to have bad throws. You are going to have good series and bad series."

On UM defense:
"The defense was giving us the ball and they are doing a pretty good job. But the offense, myself included, has to get a lot better."

Kirby Freeman

On if he called audible to run:

"No I did not audible. It was something that we have worked on all season. Any time I get in the game, we know that is an option. It worked out well, except I fumbled and luckily Greg was there to make a great play to recover it."

Glenn Sharpe

On the defense:
"The defense played pretty well, but we still gave up those two or three big plays. We have to find a way to not let that happen."

On the rest of the season:
"I don't think this team will quit. I don't think this is a team full of quitters. You have to persevere through tough times and the season is not going our way, but I don't think we are going to quit. We are going to show up next week and continue to fight and try to play like champions."

Javarris James

On injury that knocked him out of game:
"I got hit helmet to the bone on my hip."

On how it feels:
"It doesn't feel to good. I tried to get a shot to come back into the game, but it was just so much pain."

On if he expects to practice this week:
"Yeah most likely. It will probably be a little sore in the morning, but I will just go home and ice it."

Tyrone Moss

On momentum shift after touchdown run:
"I feel like we had the momentum after that touchdown run, but we did not finish up like we were supposed to."

On how play happened:
"I think the defensive players thought they had me, but they really didn't and I just kept driving my legs and I came out of there and I was gone."

On frustration of losing four games this year:
"It is frustrating. We go out there and play our hearts out each and every game. We are just not finishing the game up the way we are supposed to."

On the UM defense:
"Our defense has been our backbone all year. Our defense has been the heart and soul of this team and the offense right now is not putting points on the board to win games."

Calais Campbell

On tough loss:
"It is tough, but we have to keep fighting."

On losing a close game:
"You hate to lose the tough ones. We fought all night, we just did not come out on top. We have to keep our heads up and look forward to next week."

On where the team goes from here:
"It is real tough. I hate to lose, but we are going to bounce back. I know we will. We are going to keep fighting."

On his performance in the game:
"I didn't play well enough to get a win, so I did not play well in my eyes. You have to get a win."

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