Coker Day After Virginia

Larry Coker addressed a number of issues the day after a 17-7 loss to Virginia.

Opening statement:
"We obviously did not play well enough to win yesterday, but we did have some guys that I think played pretty good. On defense Kareem Brown and Eric Moncur both played pretty well. We ended up with five sacks on the quarterback I think and put some pressure on him. We were in a little bit of disarray in recognition and alignment at times. At times we didn't do the things we were coached to do. Offensively, Anthony Wollschlager may have played his best game of his career. Javarris James is a young player and a bright spot and Greg Olsen played well. Their third down conversions were good; ours were not good and if you look down the list of statistics—with their number of plays on offense and our number of plays on offense—and they pretty much dominated the football game."

On throwing the ball downfield more:
"It made us concerned because with both of our tackles being out, we had two young tackles we didn't know that could block, but we have got to do that; we have got to get the ball down field. We just can't expect a true freshman in Javarris James to go out and win games for us. We have got to get the ball downfield some.

On Lance Leggett and his costly penalties:
"I did sit him for a period of time and I did yell at him too. This is a good kid, but he hurt our football team yesterday. We don't have any margin for error. We had a nice drive going and an opportunity to put points on the board and we were taken out of range. I will take a look at the television broadcast and try to get an idea on whether to start him or hold him for this coming game. He is a good kid and has value, but you just can't do those things. He is trying to change his image from being a passive guy into being a more physical player, but you have to play within the rules."

On if Coker is concerned with play of secondary:
"I think it has because we are doing some of the things by alignment and assignment that we are coached to do. Obviously we had some players that are out—Kenny Phillips, you certainly miss his presence. There were some things we had to adjust to, but as a unit, we did not play well. We have got to do some things we are coached to do."

On the effort and intensity versus Virginia:
"I think we had pretty good effort. I was a little disappointed in the intensity level. I don't think we had the intensity that we needed to have. The week we had was a tough week obviously, was that the reason why, I don't know. I do know this: when the bell rings you have to respond. I think we did play hard, but I don't think we had the edge we needed to have."

On reason for conservative game plan:
"I think as we got into the game and both of our tackles were out, and you are going up against a team that is second in the league in sacks. It does concern you somewhat. We have got to trust these younger players. We have got to have them ready and we have got to have a plan to help the quarterback and throw the ball downfield some."

On covering the tight ends better this week versus Boston College:
"I don't know if they are as good as the Virginia guys. Hopefully we get a guy like Tavares Gooden back to play the SAM position. If we do that, we will move Jon Beason back to WILL and that is a thing we will hopefully be able to do. They did not surprise us with anything it is just the naked bootlegs and the screens we did not play disciplined football. You are going to see the same thing from Boston College. That is what they do and they are pretty good at it. I don't think their quarterback runs as well as Virginia's quarterback, but he is the same type of player. Boston College has a lot of momentum right now and they are playing pretty well."

On Glenn Cook's injury status:
"I don't know that. We won't know more until after they evaluate him today. I think he may need to have knee surgery."

On nothing to lose mentality this week versus Boston College:
"Well there really is nothing to lose. We haven't put together our strategy yet, but we are going to have as strategy that gives us the best opportunity to win. I think that is the only way to approach it."

On how you try and turn things around in three days to try to get a bowl bid:
"I don't know that you turn things around. I think as players and coaches we have to do the best we can to turn things around and again it is so much from the neck up. We have some older players that we need to rally around and give some of these younger players leadership and go out and be the best we can. To change is not going to happen in three days, but we will put together a good game plan that our players will believe in and it will be our last game in the Orange Bowl and we will be good and good enough to win."

On why Kirby felt like he played more conservative:
"I don't think Kirby played more conservative. I think the game plan was called more conservative. I think he avoided a couple of sacks that would have been negative plays, but I don't think he played more conservative. I think Kirby is a guy that is going to go for it anyways."

On why Tyrone Moss didn't reacieve more carries:
"He is ok physically, he is just not our best back."

On health of Javarris James:
"Javarris is ok. He is a real man. He is a special player."

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