UM Career Winding Down For Wollschlager

Center Anthony Wollschlager, from Fort Lauderdale, is preparing for what could be his final game as a Miami Hurricane on Thursday.

The 2006 season is just about over for the Miami seniors and it all came so quickly.

"I don't think it has hit me yet," Anthony Wollschlager said. "I am starting to realize it. You are sitting there watching film. You start to realize it, but I don't know if the full emotional effect has hit yet. You can definitely feel it dwindling down."

This year, Wollschlager was one of four captains on the team, which is something he will always remember.

"It was definitely an experience," Wollschlager said. "I had a lot of fun playing ball. I don't have any regrets about that. As far as how things have been on and off the court this year, it has been tough, but nonetheless I made the most of my senior year. bottom line, no regrets."

Looking back, he remembers when he was just a freshman in 2002.

"I have grown up a lot," he said. "It's the whole college experience, but it is so much more. a lot of people come in as a boy and programs like this you turn into a man. You have a lot of hardships, your character will be tested, and you have chances to show your character. It's just been a blast."

Wollschlager is a two-year starter at center after he beat out a number of candidates in the fall prior to the 2005 season. Earlier that fall he was moved from center to the other line positions, but worked hard to earn the starting position.

"It was definitely tough going into that one spring as a tackle," he recalled. "I switched to guard, switched to center, and then went back to tackle. It was definitely hard to switch. I came back and battled it out. That is something I can be real proud of to win a spot like that at a place like this with the guys I was going against. It was an awesome feeling."

This year has been tough for Wollschlager and his teammates.

"It has been a disappointment, obviously the season didn't go the way we wanted it to," Wollschlager said. "Personally I have no regrets and I know I played really hard. Obviously you get beat on a couple of plays, things don't go your way, but that is football. Things don't go your way 100 percent every single play.

"I don't know how to explain it. I'm not giving in and saying we didn't have any control over it, because we did have a lot of control over it, but we just didn't execute the way we needed it to."

Miami well honor 12 seniors prior to the game on Thursday.

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