LB Beason Has a Decision to Make

Junior LB Jon Beason has a decision to make on whether or not he should return for his senior season or leave early for the NFL Draft.

Jon Beason leads the team with 66 tackles and has returned from a knee injury proving to NFL scouts that he is a linebacker prospect to pay attention to in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Beason, a fourth-year player, has a decision to make on whether or not to return for his senior season.

However, the decision to enter the NFL Draft could be an easy one if he continues to hear that he is a 1st-2nd round pick.

Beason, a weakside linebacker, is an excellent tackler with an excellent work ethic.

While the Hurricanes have had lackluster performances, Beason is not a guy that gets pointed to for having sub-par effort games. He has put a lot into the program and has been a great leader.

If he decides to enter the draft, you can be sure he did his homework and weighed out the positives with the negatives.

This week he will be turning in his papers to the NFL's College Advisory Committee, which is composed of two scouting experts and personnel executives from 12 teams and will be provided with an estimate of where he might be selected.


Look for Beason to forego his senior season and enter the 2007 NFL Draft.

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