Coaching Search Update with Paul Dee

Miami athletic director Paul Dee gave an update of the football head coaching position.

• As reported last week, Larry Coker will coach in the MPC Computers Bowl.

• Dee said he expected to have a conclusion with the coaching search to be done in 1-2 weeks.

• Dee speaks with Chuck Neinas 2-3 times a day. Neinas is a consultant, who was hired to help in the coaching search and has been successful in this process for a number of years. Dee initially contacted Neinas before the search.

• There is a long list of candidates that are under review and Dee said a short list has not been made yet. The long list of candidates has "far more" college coaches on it than coaches from the NFL.

• Dee has not talked to any athletic directors for their permission to speak with a coach.

Listen to Dee as he commented on the facilities at the University of Miami.

• Dee said the facilities of the football program has never been an issue in the past with coaching candidates.

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