Coaching Search Update: Dec. 6

There are plenty of rumors out there from fans and other media outlets. Here is a breakdown of those rumors.

First off, anyone who knows the University of Miami hiring process knows that this thing won't be done in a day.

For someone to say that the job will be locked up two days after the end of the season is clueless. It doesn't work that way, not at UM.

Paul Dee, Chuck Neinas, and the university will conduct a thorough interview process before one is selected, which will be done by the end of this week or into next week.

The position is expected to be filled by Dec. 18.

Thoughts on the rumors...

Mike Leach will be the coach at UM

Leach has been a great offensive coach and it has been released publically that he is highly interested in the position, which prompted everyone to run with the story. Will he be Miami's next coach, it's hard to say. It's hard to say where he stands on UM's wish list, but for a program that has typically ran a pro-set offense it would be a change of style at UM that I'm not sure everyone would be crazy about immediately. If he does get offered the job and accepts, he would be a fine choice for the UM program. UM could certainly choose less attractive coaches.

Randy Shannon Interviews

Shannon had the first formal interview in the process after Greg Schiano told Dee he was not interested. Shannon has been UM's defensive coordinator for the last six years, which has finished in the top 10 in five of those years. Before this whole process started I predicted that Shannon would be UM's next head coach and I would be surprised if it were to be anyone else regardless of Schiano, Leach, and whoever else is out there. I will not change my prediction.

Schiano Out

Greg Schiano pulled out of the UM coaching search on Monday after talking with Dee. Schiano believes he has a good thing going at Rutgers and has bigger goals in store. It's just mind-boggling that someone would want to be at Rutgers over Miami when given the choice.

Rodriguez: Alabama, Miami, or West Virginia

West Virginia head coach Rich Rodriguez has a decision to make between those three schools with Alabama showing very high interest in Rodriguez. Rodriguez would do very well at Miami if given the opportunity.

Bernie Kosar is interested in the position

This is just silly and I can't believe it actually made it to the Associated Press and a newspaper.

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