Shannon: "How 'bout them Canes?"

Former Hurricane Randy Shannon has been named head coach of the football team.

After University of Miami president Donna Shalala and athletic diretor Paul Dee formally introduced Randy Shannon as the 20th head coach of the football team.

Shannon, 40, took the podium in front of a packed crowd inside the Edgerrin James Room at the Hecht Center and said with a big smile, "How 'bout them 'Canes'?"

"The University of Miami is a great place--one of the best places in America," Shannon said. "A lot of people always say Miami, Miami, Miami, you see the town, you see the city through the lights. I like the University of Miami institution because of what it presents and what it represents."

Shannon thanked Larry Coker, Jimmy Johnson, Butch Davis, and Dennis Erickson for given him opportunities as a player and as a coach at UM.

Accountability is something Shannon will stress as the head coach. The athletes will get their work done in the classroom, the coaches will be energetic and accountable as well as Shannon will be accountable for his kids.

He also emphasized the get-it-done attitude he has instilled in the kids.

"The one thing that I can not handle is 'I can't'. I need answers with eerything that we do."

Shannon will not serve as the team's defensive coordinator and it is uncertain who will be the team's offensive coordinator.

Recruiting efforts have always been a strength of Shannon's particularly in Miami-Dade County, but Shannon also stressed the importance of recruiting the state of Florida from Panama City to Key West.

The talk of Miami's facilities always comes up when evaluated the program. Shannon feels the university needs to attack the problem, but did say there are other factors that make Miami strong.

"There aren't too players that come to the University of Miami because of our facilities," Shannon said. "They don't come to Miami for our facilities. They are coming to Miami to win games. They want to graduate. They want a chance every year to be a champion and that's Miami is all about.

"You have got to have a champion's man attitude and a winning attitude to be a part of the University of Miami. If you don't come into Miami with a winning attitude, you won't be a part of this program. I can guarantee you that."

Miami has had a lot of negativity surrounding the program this year with a variety of incidents that made national news, but Shannon has a message for everyone:

"Don't judge this program by it's cover, judge it by what is inside this program."

"We got great people in this community. We got great fans. We got a great university."

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