Beason: "I am 50/50"

Linebacker Jon Beason's decision to leave for the NFL draft just got a bit tougher.

Listen to Beason talk about Coach Shannon:


Expected to leave for sure, Jon Beason now has a decision to make with Randy Shannon being named head coach earlier today.

Beason is getting great reviews from NFL scouts and put his name into the NFL College Advisory Committee and the positive reviews are not slowing down.

What seemed like a done deal to the NFL Draft, Beason now says he is 50/50 on whether or not he will return.

"I am definitely more likely to stay with him as the coach because I trust him and I have been a part of this system and I know exactly what he is going to instill. I think things will be great around here real soon."

The decision would have been easier for Beason if it wasn't going to be Shannon as the coach.

"I think by not knowing who the coach was going to be I think it was an easier decision even if it wasn't wanted I wanted to see," Beason said. "Now with it being Coach Shanon, I think more reluctant to say if the draft status is there."

Defensive end Calais Campbell is actively trying to talk Beason into staying another year as he believes the team can compete for a national title in 2007.

Beason, a junior from Miramar, leads the team with 66 tackles.

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