QB Wright Talks About Shannon Hire

Kyle Wright talked about the hiring of Randy Shannon.

On Thursday night, Miami quarterback Kyle Wright made comments about the hiring of Randy Shannon to the head coaching position at the University of Miami. These comments, published in an ESPN article created a stir amongst several fans.

Wright mentioned to ESPN that "it was an interesting hire," "we'll have to see how it turns out. He's highly respected here. We know how he operates and conducts himself, so we won't have to get used to a new style of play."

On Friday, Canestime.com caught up with Wright to get some more input on the Shannon hiring and his previous comments.

When asked about the Shannon's hiring, he reiterated:

"I was just kind of relieved that it was over", he explained about the coaching search. "With so many rumors and so much speculation about who they were going to bring in and who got cancelled off the list, it's a relief to know we have a coach and another relief to know that we have Shannon back on the staff as our head coach."

When told that the previous comments he made had an adverse effect on some of the fan base, he immediately attempted to clear the air.

"I love Coach Shannon and I think he's going to do a great job. It was a big drawn out ordeal, and to end up having Coach Shannon, which is awesome, was just kind of ironic."

Wright also continued to mention once again that the team's familiarity with Shannon as a previous member of the staff is a positive.

"It's someone we see every day and someone we're completely used to, so I think it'll be great having Randy Shannon as our head coach."

He went on to say that there was "definitely a comfort level with Coach Shannon" and that even though he doesn't know exactly what to expect, he believes that "it's not like we're wiping the slate clean" and that it was "almost a relief."

Wright was also asked about his future plans. More than likely, he will have to enter this upcoming off-season under his fourth offensive coordinator in five years. Acknowledging that it will definitely be a challenge, Wright emphasized that he was staying in Coral Gables to get the job done:

"I'm the type of guy who's going to show up every day and work as hard as I can. Whoever they bring in, I'm a leader on offense so I'm going to gather the guys on offense and get them ready for whatever they bring in. that's my job as a quarterback. I'm just anxious to getting back to work."

With the new NCAA rules, if a player has received a degree from a school the player can transfer during their fifth year without sitting out a year, which would be the case with Wright, but he is not going anywhere.

When asked if he would be back next year given the aforementinoed proposal, he responded:

"Yes, definitely. I have put a lot of work in but I feel I have a lot more to accomplish here."

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