Sharpton Getting Comfortable at MLB

Hurricanes middle linebacker Darryl Sharpton has been bred under the example of an auspicious elite hailing from stone throw away Coral Gables High School.

The ever hungry red shirt freshman was finally fed late in the season during a four game loosing stretch amid a time of team turmoil. Nevertheless the experience is molding a player that has already displayed a fine showing of diligence, pride, and camaraderie all with a humbling attitude.

"It has been such a crazy season when you think back on it," Darryl Sharpton said. "I was thrown into the mix when it was at its craziest, but I was able to get real comfortable playing on the field with the increase in reps to the point where it wasn't even a big deal in the end."

Clearly where others would buckle under the pressure of being prematurely thrown into the fire, Sharpton excelled into the roll with ease, exuding a demeanor reminiscent of former Hurricane star and current New York Jet linebacker Jonathan Vilma. The limelight and the experience have only mustered more confidence in the manner which Sharpton goes about maintaining a healthy frame of mind and body.

With Sharpton's defensive coordinator Randy Shannon being promoted to the reigns of head coach in 2007, the talented linebacker is all knowing that this year's success does not translate into an automatic bid as an opening day starter next season.

"Nobody has a head start on anyone for a job next year. I have to translate my success this year into getting better for the next," said Sharpton. "My goals are to get bigger, faster and stronger. Eating right, consistent weight training, studying the plays and schemes will be emphasized extra this off-season. Whoever shows their proving by working the hardest and learning the most is going to get the job, and that's what I intend to do."

Until then however, Sharpton and the rest of the Hurricanes have commenced nearly a three week layoff by hitting the practice fields again this week in preparation for their coming MPC Computer Bowl match up between Nevada in Boise, Idaho come New Years Eve.

"The break was much needed. I had some time to relax with my team mates and do lot of things outside of football. We really just chilled out," said a joking Sharpton as he pushes fellow linebacker Spencer Adkins in jest. "But seriously, we're coming into the game with a winning attitude that we will carry into next season with goals of bringing home a national championship. Why else be here at the U and work hard if not for that? If you're not here looking to become a champion every time you step on to the field, you are the wrong dude for The U."

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