Freeman Got His Opportunity

Kirby Freeman got the opportunity he was looking for although it wasn't the way he had hoped.

"I just knew if I was patient I would be given an opportunity," said Freeman, who has started the last three games. "Sure enough, I got my opportunity against Maryland and there some other things that took place such as Kyle's injury and (Bryan) Pata's death, which were extremely more important than me getting my first start."

Kirby Freeman has thrown for 473 yards, three touchdowns, and five interceptions in his three starts. He has completed 54 percent of his passes during the starts (38-of-71).

Freeman earned his first win as a starter with a home win on Nov. 23 over then-ranked No. 18 Boston College.

"The Boston College game represented my season because I grew up a lot during that game and this season," Freeman said. "I've really figured out what it takes to be not only a Division I quarterback, but a quarterback at the University of Miami."

This season has not been easy for Freeman, a redshirt sophomore.

"It has been a real difficult season," Freeman said. "There were times that I wanted to get an opportunity to play early on, but I didn't the opportunities and I was pretty upset at the time.

In the spring, Freeman announced that he was going to remain at the University of Miami after contemplating transferring.

"I feel good," said Freeman about his decision to stay at UM. "There have been a lot of changes with the coaching staff. You can talk about leaving and think about leaving, but one thing I take a lot of pride in is that I haven't left."


Miami coach Larry Coker said Freeman has looked good in his preparation for Nevada and is getting a lot of reps in.

When asked to evaluate Freeman's season, Coker responded: "Okay, for not much experience I think he has played all right," Coker said. "He has made some mistakes. All in all I think he has played with a lot of energy. He has been a great leader and has done some subtle things like running the ball making first downs."

Freeman has showed his leadership skills as a starting quarterback and Coker believes the players are attracted to his leadership style.

"He is a tremendous leader," Coker said. "Guys really gravitate towards him and really believe in him. Even with the interceptions against Boston College, it was one of those things like here we go again, but the guys rallied around him."

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